The signature of President Obama’s mother on the White House-released long-form birth certificate provides a mathematically certain proof of forgery, according to a prominent software engineer who works as a high-level programmer for a state government.

The source spoke on condition his name not be used, fearing he might lose his job. He asserted that revealing his name is not necessary, because the analysis is self-evident.

Many computer experts have noted that the PDF Obama birth certificate released April 27 has nine layers when viewed in Adobe Illustrator.

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Notably, the name “(Stanley) Ann Dunham Obama” is in two separate layers. “(Stanley) Ann D” is contained in Layer 8 while “unham Obama” is in Layer 9, as seen below in Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 1: Obama long-form birth certificate, White House Release, April 27. Overlay showing Layer 8 (green Background) separated from Layer 9 (white Background)

A close-up of a screen capture of Layer 8 can be seen in Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 2: Obama long-form birth certificate, White House Release, April 27. Close-up, Layer 9, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama signature.

“One of the changes, reflected by Layer 8, had me wondering the most,” the software engineer told WND. “If you recall, this layer showed the mother’s signature, along with the other two signatures on the image. Everything else was omitted, meaning the signatures were added as their own layer.”

However, the last part of the mother’s signature can only be seen in Layer 9, where it shows up, in bold as “unham Obama,” distinct in appearance from the lighter “(Stanley) Ann D” in Layer 8.

In other words, the mother’s signature is a composite image, formed when the image in Layer 8 is combined with the image in Layer 9.

“Graphics artists combine images day in and day out, taking parts of one image and over-laying another,” he explained. “After adding multiple text layers, the composite image is saved to be placed into the final.”

The key analysis focuses on the Ann Dunham signature contained in Layer 9.

“It’s a disappointing signature,” the software engineer said, “in that it cannot be Stanley Ann’s unless she has perfect handwriting.”

To prove this point, he brought up the birth certificate document in Windows Photo Viewer to magnify the “unham Obama” seen in Adobe Illustrator in Layer 9.

“After zooming into the maximum on this partial signature, I found that part of the name was in perfect alignment across the bottom, exactly one pixel from the bottom line of the text box for the signature.”

The “unham” part of the mother’s signature under magnification is demonstrated in Exhibit 3, with the “Obama” part of the mother’s signature in Exhibit 4:

Exhibit 3: Mother’s signature in Obama long-form birth certificate.

Exhibit 4: Mother’s signature in Obama long-form birth certificate.

“I had to scrunch the image a bit to fit on the screen,” he explained, but it still shows the perfect alignment of the pixels across the letters in ‘unham’ in the image above. The same perfect alignment is seen in the ‘Obama’ part of the mother’s signature.”

The signature, he insisted, provides mathematical proof the Obama birth certificate is a fraud.

“No person can write with mathematical perfection,” he said. “It’s impossible. But a computer can easily write with mathematical perfection.”

Exhibit 5: Ann Dunham signature on Obama long-form birth certificate

Human signatures, he insisted, show imperfections such that some of the lettering will always drop below a mathematically perfect line drawn at the bottom of a word.

To prove the point, he pointed to examples of cursive handwriting generated by a computer on, as seen in Exhibit 6.

Exhibit 6: Computer-generated cursive fonts (

The bottom of the computer-generated cursive handwriting as seen in Exhibit 5 produces a mathematically perfect bottom surface that plots straight-across on a horizontal line.

To stress the distinctiveness of the ‘unham Obama’ part of the mother’s signature on the document, the software engineer examined under extreme magnification in the Windows Photo Viewer the signature of Dr. David A. Sinclair, the attending physician as described in the document, and found that pixels forming the signature extend below a mathematically perfect horizontal line drawn through the base of the signature, as seen in Exhibit 7.

Exhibit 7: Signature of Dr. David A. Sinclair on Obama long-form birth certificate

“Notice how Dr. Sinclair’s signature meets and is over the line in may places,” he observed. “It is not exactly one row of pixels parallel to the line.”

The mother’s signature provides mathematical proof the document is forged, he said.

“If the forger had wanted a perfect forgery, it would have been better to have a human being write in the ‘unham Obama’ part of the signature,” he concluded. “Sometimes perfect detail can draw attention, and in this case, the hand-writing in Layer 9 was too perfect. No human being writes that mathematically perfect.”

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