Now that so many highly qualified graphics experts – seven by my count – have weighed in unequivocally in pronouncing Barack Obama’s “long-form birth certificate” as an outright fraud, it’s time to issue a challenge to other highly qualified experts to explain why they’re wrong.

Isn’t it curious that not a single media outlet has quoted even one such expert to proclaim the document valid?


Let me correct that statement: Fox News did quote one expert as validating the birth certificate. But he claims to have demanded immediately and repeatedly that Fox correct its story, explaining that he cannot draw any definitive conclusion based on the digital image issued by the White House.

That means the score is 7-0 in favor of fraud.

Now, I can’t say there are no experts out there who can explain the anomalies and contradictions that the seven experts say make it impossible for the White House document to be valid. But I can say they haven’t been forthcoming.

Thoroughly researched for three years, the book that made Obama blink on birth certificate: Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President”

So I am hereby issuing a challenge to them: Come forward and explain what the seven experts proclaiming Obama’s birth certificate fraudulent are missing. Explain these anomalies in a way the American public can understand. Allay our fears that the biggest hoax in American political history is being perpetrated on us all by this White House.

The stakes are high here. If the White House manufactured, with or without the help of the Hawaii Department of Health, a bogus birth certificate, Obama’s political goose is cooked. He might not even be permitted to finish his first term, let alone be eligible for a second term if he had any role in hoaxing the American people.

I’m not even talking about the eligibility issue right now. Because I think the document he offered would prove his ineligibility if valid. I’m talking about scandal.

But right now it’s only a scandal in the minds of people who either read WND or work hard to inform themselves in other ways – because no other media outlet put Obama’s document to the test of authentication.

Isn’t that amazing?

There are a lot of people in Washington and inside the media who actually still believe that Obama answered all the questions about eligibility with the release of that birth certificate in April. Yet polls show Americans no more believe Obama constitutionally eligible for the presidency today than they did when he was stonewalling release.

Some believe the document is a fake.

Others believe it’s a fake, but also an admission of his ineligibility because the father of record was a Kenyan national rather than a U.S. citizen as required by the Constitution.

Others might believe the document is genuine but is irrelevant.

But it’s never irrelevant when the White House releases a document to the public that is fraudulent – especially a document it withheld for two and half years until the cries became too loud to bear.

It’s a big deal. In fact, just ask yourself this question: If it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama and the White House knowingly released a document that was fraudulent, perhaps even aiding in the creation of it, would this not be the biggest political scandal in American history?

So why are no other news agencies putting the document to the test?

Why are no other experts coming forward to answer the very public indictments of this document by highly qualified people?

Isn’t the absence of evidence of authenticity in fact an indictment of a complacent, lapdog media with no interest in pursuing truth if it reflects poorly on Obama?

For heaven’s sake, where are Obama’s experts to explain what seven distinguished experts say cannot be explained away?

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