A new Democrat fundraiser has been launched with an envelope that purports to contain “President Obama’s Birth Certificate,” and a letter making the plea to donate lots of money to stop “the Republicans” and their “dirty politics.”

But an attorney who has argued about Obama’s eligibility all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court says the campaign, as documented by CBS, may have some unwelcome side effects.

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“They are soliciting from the public political contributions based on a forged government document,” wrote Mario Apuzzo in a blog posting.

He was counsel for Cmdr. Charles Kerchner, whose case alleging that Congress failed in its constitutional obligation in the 2008 election to make sure Obama as president-elect was constitutionally eligible for office ended when the Supreme Court, which has admitted avoiding the issue, wouldn’t take the case.

“This is clearly fraud of great proportions. We have seen countless expert reports (including from world-renowned computer and software expert, Mara Zebest, and according to retired Major General Paul E. Vallely, even from former CIA officers) that the April 27, 2011, birth certificate image is a forgery,” Apuzzo wrote.

“We have not seen one credible response to this plethora of experts who have convincingly shown that [the] Obama on-line Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery.”

The image from CBS:

CBS image of campaign

Explained the network, donors who send at least $44 are promised a “Made in the USA” Obama cup.

The network also claimed, “On April 27 the president tried to put the ‘birther’ issue to rest by releasing a photo copy of his 1961 birth certificate.”

In fact, recent polls show now that fully half of Americans, including 28 percent of Democrats, want Congress to investigate fully Obama’s status and eligibility.

On the Obamaconspiracy site, forum participants blasted those who want information about Obama’s qualifications.

“The people who have expertise and used it objectively to look at the document have found no signs of tampering,” wrote one, although there was no citation to support it.

Another, however, raised some concerns about the adequacy of the certificate.

“I have looked at the evidence … All experts unanimously agree that it is fake. This was not even a good forgery.”

Apuzzo said such use of a fake document needs to be reported to the FBI and the Federal Election Commission.

“Since the birth certificate document is being used as a motivation for voters and consumers to give their money for this political cause, these law enforcement officials should honor their oaths to enforce the law and verify that the birth certificate document is in fact genuine. So now that the DNC has let the cat out of the bag, let them provide the proof that the document that they are using to extract money out of the public is in fact genuine or at least show that even if it is a forgery, that the information it represents to be true is in fact true,” he said.

WND previously reported when the Obama campaign pushed to have people buy copies of the “birth certificate” image that the White House released to provide “proof positive” of a Hawaiian birth.

The campaign at that time said, “We’re getting in final orders for our limited-edition ‘Made in the USA’ T-shirts and mugs this week. Don’t miss out on this chance to get yours and poke a bit of fun at the silliness going on out there.”

Then the e-mail from Jullianna Smoot, deputy campaign manager for Obama for America included a link to the “donate” options for the campaign.

Previously, the Democrat National Committee jumped into the act.

That fundraising message, from “Brad Woodhouse, Democrats.org” with a return address of [email protected], said:

“Friend —

When one-time Republican frontrunner Donald Trump dropped out of the presidential race, I thought we were done with all this birther nonsense.

But I guess right-wing conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi finally got to prove a Democrat wrong. Corsi just released his latest book, called — wait for it — Where’s the Birth Certificate?

Fortunately, the Obama campaign knows just how to handle things like this: Treat them like the joke they are. That’s why I wanted to be sure you saw the campaign’s e-mail from yesterday offering “Made in the USA” mugs with the President’s birth certificate. You can get yours here:

The e-mail then linked to the original Barack Obama e-mail.

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