Brigitte Gabriel

Leaders of ACT! for America, the grassroots organization founded by immigrant Brigitte Gabriel to give voice to opponents of radical Islam in America, say they are bolstering their security after a newspaper publicized Gabriel’s residence and legal name.

The article by Bob Smietana in the Tennessean in Nashville “clearly increases the exposure, the potential for someone to cause harm,” said Guy Rodgers, the executive director for the organization.

Calling the Tennessean article a “smear,” ACT! for America has presented a list of mistakes in the article and also is asking people to express their concern to the newspaper directly, through information listed on the website.

That Gabriel could face danger is clear, Rodgers said.

“It’s the reason why Brigitte in 2003 adopted a pseudonym,” he said. “There’s no question we’re having to do some [security] things as a result.”

Smietana wrote how ACT! for America “sums up its mission in four words: ‘They must be stopped.'” He said the tagline refers to Muslims in general.

However, the website statement of mission for the organization says it wants to create a network of chapters to inform, educate and mobilize Americans regarding the multiple threats of radical Islam. The group says it engages in lobbying and grassroots action, arms activists with information, hold representatives accountable, develops coalitions to increase effectiveness and speaks in defense of America, Israel and Western civilization.

Smietana said he could not comment to WND regarding the issue, deferring to his editor, who did not return a call to WND.

The ACT! website explains that Gabriel is a Lebanese immigrant who lost her country of birth “to militant Muslim fundamentalists.”

The organization said Gabriel’s desire is to give back to Americans their voice, which has been “muted by the scourge of political correctness. Muted by intimidation, as evidenced by the increasing use of slurs such as ‘Islamophobe’ against anyone who dares to speak the truth about radical Islam, terror and jihad. Muted by fear of lawsuits. Muted by fear of physical assault.”

She wrote only days ago about an extended court attack by the Council of American-Islamic Relations on the WND Books expose “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

The book about CAIR, which was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror financing case, documents which politicians get money from the Saudi-funded group; how Capitol Hill staffers are placed strategically by CAIR; why FBI bonuses are paid to agents who are nice to CAIR; and whether CAIR has compromised the U.S. intelligence systems.

The book describes how radical Islam has the “goal of transforming American society from within” and hopes “to accomplish this through terrorist activities, fraud, and infiltration of our political and intelligence systems.”

Gabriel wrote that CAIR is using “lawfare” to silence the truth.

“CAIR, the American propaganda arm for Hamas and unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism trial ever in the history of the United States where 108 guilty verdict were handed down, will not reveal its funding sources, has not filed the required non-profit tax returns for the past three years (which resulted in the IRS stripping CAIR of its non-profit status), and has never filed as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act,” she wrote.

“CAIR is using relentless legal attacks against [the book] trying to silence them and suppress the truth. It has become the modus operandi of our enemies to use our legal system, with Middle East oil money, to attempt to silence and intimidate those patriotic Americans who are standing courageously on the front lines fighting to defend our freedoms and expose those who wish America harm,” she said.

Rodgers told WND he believes there is an agenda behind the Tennessean article, which called ACT! “a potent political force” and said the message “appeals to Bible Belt Christians, who fear that Islam and secularization threaten their way of life.”

The report cited unidentified critics’ claims that ACT! “distorts the nature of Islam.”

But ACT! officials said they were misrepresented, because ACT! for America “does not believe, nor advocate, that all Muslims are engaged in stealth jihad. … The truth is that ACT! for America works with and helps promote the efforts of reformist Muslims, such as Dr. Tawfik Hamid, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, and others.”

“ACT! for American does not ‘label law-abiding Muslims as terrorists,’ This is a classic smear technique used in yellow journalism, to refer to some unnamed ‘critics’ who make some unsubstantiated accusations,” the organization said.

The group also pointed out that the original Tennessean report had the name of the show for which Gabriel’s husband once worked wrong, and a correction was made.

“As egregious as these lies, fabrications and distortions are, Smietana goes further and exposes Brigitte Gabriel’s real name, names her husband, and identifies the city in which they live. In fact, he uses her actual last name no fewer than six times in the piece, instead of referring to her by her nationally known pseudonym. How was exposing Brigitte like this relevant to this story?” the organization stated.

“There is a simple reason why Brigitte uses a pseudonym: the board of ACT voted in 2003 to require her to do so in order that she would enjoy some level of protection. This is not a misplaced concern. She has received death threats. We know that al-Qaida has written about Brigitte several different times on its website. Surely Smietana must know that al-Qaida has done this. Surely Smietana must know that Theo van Gogh was killed by a jihadist in the Netherlands. ”

ACT! officials noted that the Arab satellite TV news network Al-Jazeerah was paying attention to the report, “so now the entire Muslim world that has access to the radical al-Jazeerah ‘meda outlet’ will know the details about Brigitte’s real name and city of residence.”

Rodgers told WND he could not provide details of the security changes that are being undertaken.

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