The left-wing conspiracy to destroy Murdoch

By Samuel Blumenfeld

The more we find out about the phone-hacking activities that were going on at Murdoch’s popular British tabloid, News of the World, the more obvious it becomes to this writer that it was all an inside job calculated to destroy the paper and embarrass its conservative owner.

On what basis do I raise these allegations? According to Alan Rusbridger of the left-wing Guardian newspaper, he was aware of the illegal hacking practices two and a half years ago. How did he know? Obviously from an inside informant. And it turns out that the Guardian was the first newspaper to break the story on July 4. In other words, the Guardian had an inside track to what was going on in News of the World for two and a half years.

So the question is: Which reporter or reporters were hired two and a half years ago by the News of the World? Which of them engaged in illegal phone hacking practices? Did they infiltrate the newspaper to destroy it? And why did the Guardian wait two and half years before blowing the whistle? Were they simply waiting until the illegalities were so incriminating that they would cause serious damage to Murdoch’s News Corp?

These are the questions that must be answered if we are to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. As we know, the radical left is not above using such tactics to destroy its enemies. And as we also know, most conservatives are not aware of such covert tactics being used against them. And apparently, Murdoch, his son James and the executive editor of News of the World, Rebekah Brooks, were vulnerable to such underhanded infiltration.

Those of us who understand how conspiracies work are not surprised when such scandals suddenly arise out of nowhere. Obviously, neither Rupert Murdoch nor his son James approved of illegal hacking by their reporters, since there is no indication that this was done with any Murdoch publication prior to this instance. News of the World was already Britain’s most popular tabloid. It did not need to do anything illegal to gather its stories. And since the Guardian is at the heart of this exposure, one must ask that radical left-wing newspaper: What did it know, and when did it know it, and who informed them about it?

Indeed, the key to the conspiracy may be Alan Rusbridger himself who seemed to know more about what was going on in News of the World than its owner, Rupert Murdoch, or its executive editor, Rebekah Brooks, who has been arrested on charges of corruption and hacking.

Already, in the United States, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and Fox News are being targeted for investigation by our unbiased attorney general, Mr. Holder. Left-wing politicians are calling for Murdoch’s head. Now is their chance to reduce the power and influence of Fox News.

But unless and until Murdoch and his associates do their own investigation of the infiltration of their own newspaper by radical left-wingers, they will continue to be blamed for something they knew nothing about until the Guardian exploded it in their faces. The New York Post, which is very good at exposing frauds, ought to go after this story with all guns blazing.

Who were the reporters who engaged in these illegal activities? When were they hired? What was their backgrounds. Who were the Guardian’s informants? And how were they able to fool everyone, including Rupert Murdoch? Hopefully, we shall get some answers in the days to come.