Tea partiers in Kansas City

Several tea-party leaders are getting frustrated with the Republicans in Congress and are making their voices heard.

Tea Party Nation Founder and President Judson Phillips has made the rounds of the talk shows to denounce the Republicans for giving in to Democratic pressure.

Phillips says the GOP has capitulated because it’s not really a conservative party.

“You’ve got a wide range of viewpoints in the Republican Party,” Phillips observed, “everything from good solid conservatives, good solid tea-party folks to RINOs [Republicans in name only] to folks who probably would be equally at home in the Democratic Party.

“The American people spoke loudly in this past election, which saw a shift of 60-some-odd seats in the House of Representatives. We’ve never had that big of a shift in the Congress before,” Phillips continued. “People spoke very clearly about what they wanted.”

Phillips says on his website that spending cuts shouldn’t be that difficult to find because of the federal government’s excesses.

“Recently we have heard of the government spending millions to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink safely and measuring the size of gay men’s penises,” Phillips described. “Almost six months ago, the Government Accounting Office reported hundreds of billions of dollars were wasted by the government annually through programs that were duplicative, did not work or simply through fraud.”

He continued, “The government has no right to demand more until they are managing their affairs well. If the government were a business, it would be in chapter 11 bankruptcy. The government cannot tell you how much it owns, how much it owes or how much it spends. It has property it does not know it owns. It does not know how many cell phones it owns and it has employees using government credit cards as their own piggybanks.”

An interview with Phillips can be heard below:



Phillips said that he has been a Republican for almost 40 years, and he’s seen the Republican Party’s ability to compromise their principles.

“One thing I’ve known about the Republicans is asking them to hang tough on something is really, really hard. In fact, it’s next to impossible,” Phillips declared. “For some reason the GOP has this almost instinctive policy of rolling over and surrendering.”

Tea Party Brewing Founder Nancy McKiernan agrees with Phillips’ assessment and
says she’s also bothered by the apparent compromise from Republican representatives.

“I too am upset with some of these idiots who are stepping all over the
freshman tea-party candidates, who may not have even gotten elected had it not been for tea-party and other grassroots activists,” McKiernan commented.

Phillips saved some of his harshest words for House Speaker John Boehner:

“There are so many of them, John Boehner in particular, that have gone up there and completely [forgot] what the voters said about six months ago. We have got to hold their feet to the fire,” Phillips said. “Otherwise they’re going to go to their favorite stand of capitulation.

“One of my favorite sayings is you’re having John Boehner ‘hold up his freshly laundered white flag of surrender,'” Phillips added. “If we don’t put the pressure on them, they’re simply going to give the farm away.”

He continued, “This is what Boehner did back earlier this year when they promised us $100 billion in cuts this year. By the time it was all said and done, we ended up with a cut, I believe the final figure was $352 million.”

Phillips’ harsh tone is reflected in a press statement he issued: “Boehner and McConnell are the predatory credit-card issuers of the entitlement state; they’re about to renew Obama’s cancelled Mastercard, and they want to saddle America’s grandchildren with all of the bills.”

Patriot Action Network President Darla Dawald says she believes the real tea-party-following representatives are still holding on to their convictions.

“I don’t think the tea-party representatives have sold us out,” Dawald observed. “I believe the Republican guard, the old GOP establishment dogs have sold us out. I think they are trying to play to the tea party, all the while knowing they would not stand firm.”

“They would compromise, giving in to raising taxes, giving in to raising the debt limit and raising the blood pressure of every hard working American that is paying into the system,” Dawald added.

Phillips says the Democratic Party doesn’t have the same problem finding its direction.

“At some point in the 60s, radical leftists took over the Democratic Party. Starting with the 1968 election, you had nothing but a solid string of liberals running,” Phillips observed. “Where are the conservative Democrats at the national level? They don’t exist any more.”

Phillips’ assessment was one of the themes of former Georgia Governor Zell Miller’s 2004 book, “A National Party No More” In his book, Miller stated that the Democratic Party no longer stood for the principles that most Americans believe are important to their lives.

Phillips believes the key to electing committed conservatives is for tea-party activists to take over the Republican Party.

He says that if true conservatives take over the Republican Party, he’s not concerned that the nation will be held hostage to a set of extremes.

“What you’ll end up with is true parties that are truly defined by their beliefs,” Phillips analyzed. “What you’ll end up with is a true conservative party and truly liberal party.

“I think that would be a great thing,” he continued, “because I’m of the idea of going head-to-head, my idea versus your idea, and may the best idea win.”

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