This is the fourth in a series of continuing articles aimed at exposing the “OBOTs” – radical supporters of Barack Obama dedicated to disrupting people who question Obama’s eligibility to be president.

The first article exposed former California lawyer William L. Bryan, aka “P.J. Foggy.” The second article exposed Foggy’s sidekick, Kurt Coleman, aka “Rikker.” The third article exposed James A. Johnson, former head of Fannie Mae, as “JimBot,” the White House contact and organizer of the “Fogbow” OBOTs posting on Bryan’s website

A radical Obama supporter who organizes an “Obama-Robot” website has admitted in online posts that WND correctly identified former chairman of Fannie Mae chairman James A. Johnson as the group’s White House-associated ring-leader.

William L. Bryan, who posts under the username “P.J. Foggy,” is the organizer of, a self described “OBOT,” or “Obama-Robot” website. On his weekly “Reality Check Radio” broadcast July 21, Bryan began the show by acknowledging the veracity of the WND report.

“As far as I know [WND] got the boss,” he said. “There just isn’t much point to denial.”

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On July 20, the day after WND’s article naming Johnson, Bryan posted a comment on a WND forum, seen here as Exhibit 1, in which he acknowledged that Ed Hale, a primary source in the identification of James A. Johnson as “JimBot” was not only correct, but that the information naming Johnson had been available on the Internet two years prior to WND’s publication.

Exhibit 1: First Bill Bryan post, WND Forum, July 21

Ed Hale, the Texas-based creator of Plains Radio, has been a frequent participant on various OBOT websites, including the now inoperative and

On the day of the radio broadcast, Bryan posted a second set of comments on WND, again affirming that the Johnson identification was correct.

The second set of posts, seen here as Exhibit 2, deride “birthers” for not having picked up the clues two years ago that James A. Johnson was the OBOT contact with the White House who operated under the username “JimBot.”

Exhibit 2: Second set of Bill Bryan posts, WND Forum, July 21

Bryan’s reference to “NeonZX” in his post relates to WND’s disclosure that an OBOT participant on, using the name “NeonZX,” also used “JimBot” as a cover for James A. Johnson.

On July 20, Bryan reposted his WND Forum comments on a new website established by Ed Hale, as seen in Exhibit 3.

Exhibit 3: Bill Bryan comments reposted on Ed Hale’s blog, July 20

The addition in Exhibit 3 is that Bryan’s final comment asserts, “It’s all true. Just as WND accuses.”

In an exchange posted on Fogbow on July 21, Bryan discussed a radio debate Hale was attempting to establish between Bryan and WND, as seen in Exhibit 4.

In the process of discussing the radio debate, Bryan further confirmed the identity of “JimBot” as James A. Johnson, asserting that Johnson was too wealthy and too well-connected within the Democratic Party power structure in Washington, D.C., to be adversely affected by a WND disclosure that he was involved as an OBOT link to the White House.

Exhibit 4: Bryan post on Fogbow, July 21

Earlier, at 4:27 a.m. on July 21, Bryan had published virtually the same message on Hale’s blog, as seen in Exhibit 5.

Exhibit 5: Bryan Post on Ed Hale’s blog, 4:27 a.m., July 21

Not all OBOTs were equally confident Hale and Bryan were correct.

Within hours of the initial WND article exposing Johnson, Kurt Coleman, an OBOT sidekick of P.J. Foggy who WND has identified as posing under the username “Rikker,” objected that NeonZX was not James A. Johnson.

Exhibit 6 is Kurt Coleman posting on a WND forum as “blackmonrikker,” objecting that he knows NeonZX/JimBot personally and NeonZX is a much younger man than James A. Johnson.

Exhibit 6: Kurt Coleman post on WND Forum, July 20

On July 19, the same day the WND article exposing Johnson appeared, NeonZX posted on that he was not James Johnson, as seen in Exhibit 7.

Exhibit 7: NeonZX posts on, July 19

Predictably, the WND article on Johnson generated typical OBOT ridicule, as evidenced in Exhibit 8, posted on the same day the WND article was published.

Exhibit 8: Posts on, July 19

Still, Bryan persisted in several posts that admonished the OBOTs, “This rabbit hole goes much farther up than anyone knows.”

Then, in a separate post July 23, seen here as Exhibit 8, NeonZX admitted that he was JimBot, but denied that he was James Johnson, offering as proof an appearance he had made on Hale’s Plains Radio show, speaking in a youthful voice clearly distinguishable from Johnson’s more mature voice.

Exhibit 9: NeonZX posts on, July 23

As seen in Exhibit 8, NeonZX wrote that it confounded his mind that Hale pegged JimBot, his alter ego username, as James A. Johnson.

As an organizer of Fogbow, Bryan was in a position to realize the true identity of JimBot is James A. Johnson. Bryan may also have realized that the username “JimBot,” when used by NeonZX, established a double-identity, masking Johnson to other OBOTs while giving him the opportunity to participate in the Fogbow community.

As previously reported, Hale told WND he spoke with JimBot numerous times on the telephone and that JimBot insisted he was a Washington, D.C., Democratic Party insider who directed OBOT activity in the Foxbow community from his office across the street from the White House.

JimBot further told Hale that he paid as many as 100 OBOTs in a disinformation campaign aimed at people questioning Obama’s eligibility to be president.

In the next article in this series, WND will reveal the identity of Neon ZX.

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