Now that GOProud has been officially outed as a non-conservative group by the American Conservative Union and the Conservative Political Action Conference, the story of how that well-funded homosexual activist organization infiltrated the conservative movement in Washington warrants continued scrutiny.

It’s the old the story in Washington – money talks.

It’s a fact that if you have money – lots of it – you can buy your way into just about any organization. You can buy friends who will sponsor you. You can buy influence that will establish your credentials, no matter how lacking they are in reality. You can buy media appearances that will give the illusion that you are part of the debate when you really aren’t.

That’s what GOProud did in an astonishingly well-crafted campaign – coming from nowhere to a place of seeming respectability and visibility to claim a position in a movement to which it never rightfully belonged.

It helped to have a compliant board of directors, leadership and staff at the ACU and CPAC – people with skeletons in their closet, people sympathetic to the homosexual activists’ cause and others who just didn’t understand why issues of marriage and family and sexual deviancy are critical to conserving the health of a society.

That’s how GOProud got its nose under the tent of the conservative movement a couple years ago, when almost no one was paying attention.


Then GOProud was able to buy off some big-name conservative celebrities to hold fundraisers for the group, persuading even many grass-roots, outside-the-beltway activists that it was time for conservatives to embrace at least some of the radical homosexual agenda.

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Even the loss of long-time, stalwart groups with far more grass-roots conservative support didn’t sway the ACU and CPAC that they had made a mistake. It actually took a major shakeup of the leadership, board and staff, prompted by a series of exposés in WND, to set the stage for the repudiation of GOProud, which came officially and publicly last week.

But will the movement learn the hard lessons of this debate?

Will the conservative movement define itself in a way that will make it easier to avoid a trap like this next time?

Will conservative celebrities – and even conservative media – recognize that if conservatism stands for everything, it stands for nothing at all?

Will conservative organizational leadership recognize that working coalitions lose their effectiveness when they become so broad they actually permit the enemy inside the camp?

Will grass-roots conservatives from coast to coast see, perhaps for the first time, that some of the same architects of the recent surrender by Republican leadership on the debt ceiling were also active participants in the GOProud debacle?

Will the tea-party movement comprehend how important it is for new activists to replace the old activists in positions of organizational leadership in the conservative movement – just as they have realized how the Republican Party must be remade from the bottom up?

There’s still a lot of work to do within the ACU and CPAC and other conservative institutions in Washington. For instance, Muslim Brotherhood apparatchiks have stealthily taken positions of power and influence at the very same time, somewhat ironically, homosexual activists were. Amazingly, the former infiltrations remain in place. They, too, need to be exposed and purged.

But, for the moment, the decision to reject GOProud is a very big deal. Just last February GOProud was sponsoring the largest annual gathering of conservatives. Just last fall Christian celebrities were defending the indefensible notion of participating in fundraising events for a group pushing same-sex marriage, open homosexuality in the U.S. military and hate-crimes laws. Just last September I got a lot of heat for debating the leader of GOProud on the preposterous notion that it was a conservative organization and had a proper role in the movement.

So this is a hard-fought victory. But there’s a lot more work ahead of us just cleaning up the conservative movement that will be vital to redeeming America in the post-Barack Obama years.

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