Detailed technical analysis of the PDF file the White House released April 27 indicates it is not a scan of the original document, as claimed by the White House, but instead is the final form of an electronic file used to forge the birth certificate on Adobe software, according to reports by experts.

Failure to demonstrate how a simple computer scan can produce the effects observed in the Obama birth certificate PDF lends support to arguments that the Obama birth certificate is a forgery, the experts contend.

OBOTs jump to defend Obama birth certificate

The radical Obama supporters known as OBOTs have repeatedly asserted that experts cited by WND have ignored evidence that the effects observed in the White House-released PDF can be explained by utilizing various tools, such as running Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and by optimizing the PDF.

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Frank Arduini, an OBOT who works at CareFusion and frequently posts argumentative pro-Obama comments on WND forums, made the charge in a recent WND-published article, as seen in Exhibit 1.

Exhibit 1: OBOT poster accuses WND of ignoring evidence

Arduini’s profile lists him as an IT Business Partner at the health industries company CareFusion, headquartered in San Diego.

Kevin Davidson, who posts under the alias “Dr. Conspiracy,” wrote the article referenced by Arduini, entitled “The Doc got layers,” posted July 9 on Davidson’s blog,

Davidson is retired from Netsmart Technologies, an information technologies company whose business includes providing assistance in vital records management to state organizations.

In an email to WND, Davidson professed that he never worked with the state of Hawaii and his former employer never had a vital records contract with the state.

He further stated that his Obama Conspiracy blog is “a personal hobby” that “was never connected to my employment.”

Neither Arduini nor Davidson have demonstrated an ability to replicate what is observed in the Obama birth certificate PDF by scanning a document and utilizing optimization techniques.

Two White House PDF birth certificate files released

Various observers have pointed out that more than one PDF file was released by the White House, as noted in Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 2: Two different PDF birth certificate files posted by White House

The White House has never acknowledged or explained why two different PDF versions of the Obama birth certificate were filed on the White House website.

Created in Adobe software?

According to both versions of the Obama birth certificate PDF, the metadata embedded in the PDF file documents that the PDF was created in Macintosh Preview on an Apple computer using the MacOSX operating system.

Exhibit 3 presents the metadata from the White House website, with the lines identifying the Apple computer and software highlighted in red.

Exhibit 3: Metadata from White House released Obama birth certificate PDF file

Because the PDF metadata contained no references to Adobe software, many Obama supporters have argued that Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop were not used in the creation of the PDF file.

WND has obtained a technical analysis from a computer software expert who demonstrates conclusively that a document created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop can be read into Preview.

Further, Preview can be used to save the file as a PDF. In the process, all metadata from the Adobe software is eliminated in the new metadata file created for the resulting PDF.

Moreover, when the Preview-created PDF file is read into Adobe Illustrator, the layers used to create the electronic file in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop are visible, even though the PDF metafile does not document the Adobe software manipulations used to create the file.

Initially, when “Derek’s file” was found in the metadata of the White House-released PDF, various posters on the Internet suspected the identity of the person within the White House who made the file.

At the time, computer software experts suspected Derek Noonburg held the patent on the version of PDF built into Mac Preview.

After an email exchange with WND, Noonburg posted on his website that he did not own that particular patent and that it was his suspicion “Derek’s file” refered to the person who wrote the PDF generation software built into MacOSX.

WND has verified that “Derek’s file” does appear in PDF files created with Mac Preview on the MacOSX operating system and is not related to any individual working within the White House.

The complete analysis showing that the White House-released PDF could have been created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop software can be read here

“Whether the source file came from a scanner or was created in Adobe is unclear,” the expert concluded. “Based on that fact, the ‘digital chain of custody’ of this document is unknown and the integrity of the data is unknowable from a technical perspective.

“Any number of processes and applications could have been used on this document between the time it was scanned and the time it was converted to its final PDF form.”

The computer software expert asked to remain anonymous, because much of his work comes from Adobe, and writing a report suggesting the Obama birth certificate is a fraud could be harmful to his career.

White House PDF not run with OCR

A second computer software expert has submitted to WND a report, seen here in its entirety, that concludes the White House-released PDF could have been created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, even if the final PDF was created by Mac Preview on an Apple computer using the MacOSX operating system.

This expert also insisted on remaining anonymous, fearing retailiation from Adobe or the Adobe community.

Typically, Obama supporters have observed that effects such as the multiple layers easily seen in the Obama PDF file through Adobe Illustrator were caused by optimizing the file with Optical Character Recognition software.

This second technical report concludes OCR software was not run on the White House-released PDF, because the file has no information in the “Fonts” field of the “Properties” tab when it is examined in Adobe Acrobat, as seen in Exhibit 4.

Exhibit 4: Obama PDF birth certificate, no fonts in file

The point is that OCR software is designed to read words in an electronic file into a table so that the words can be manipulated by word-processing software. Failure to generate fonts in the White House-released PDF is evidence OCR software was not run on the file, the expert argues.

The analysis also rejects the contention that the combination of bitmap and continuous-tone letters in the Obama PDF was caused by optimization.

“The only way I have been able to replicate the piecemeal nature of the birth certificate (some continuous-tone content, some bipmap content) is by combining bitmap and continuous-tone images in Adobe Illustrator,” the expert concludes.

In Exhibit 5, the small text, horizontal line and green pattern are all one continuous tone; the 89567 numerals were saved from Photoshop as a bitmap TIFF image; the images were combined in Illustrator.

Exhibit 5: Top line bitmp and bottom line continuous-tone characters, Adobe Illustrator image

“I then saved the Illustrator file as an Adobe PDF, opened that PDF in Apple’s Preview application and printed to PDF,” the expert explains. “That approach comes closest to matching the attributes of the birth certificate PDF: bitmap plus continuous-tone content, some vector content, no embedded fonts and the Preview application stamp.”

The expert concludes that the White House-released PDF was not a simple scan, as represented by the White House.

“I can only speculate on what’s been done to produce the file as we see it,” the expert writes. “But, in my opinion, the supplied PDF is not a pristine scan simply enveloped in a PDF wrapper. It’s been touched by other processes.”

Optimized layers differ in appearance

Following expert advice, WND scanned an authentic birth certificate issued March 15, 2011, by the Hawaii Department of Health, a little more than a month before the Obama PDF birth certificate was issued.

The document was scanned into Adobe Acrobat and run through OCR software.

The resulting document was opened in Adobe Illustrator.

Exhibit 6 confirms the March 15 document after being run through OCR only produces what appears to be two layers.

Exhibit 6: Authentic Hawaii DOH birth certificate, PDF run with OCR and viewed in Adobe Illustrator

When the second layer is switched off, the entire document disappears, indicating that OCR software alone does not contain the type of multiple layers observable in the Obama birth certificate PDF when viewed in Adobe Illustrator.

Next, the authentic Hawaii DOH birth certificate issued March 15 was run through OCR and optimized.

Exhibit 7 confirms that this process creates multiple layers when the document is viewed in Adobe Illustrator.

Exhibit 7: Authentic Hawaii DOH birth certificate, PDF run with OCR and optimized, viewed in Adobe Illustrator

As seen in Exhibit 8, the major effect of switching off layers in the PDF run with OCR and optimized is that white spaces appear at various places on the document – an effect not observed when the Obama birth certificate is viewed in Adobe Illustrator and layers are switched off.

Exhibit 8: Authentic Hawaii DOH birth certificate, PDF run with OCR and optimized, viewed in Adobe Illustrator, with layers switched off

Switching off layers in this document did not result in text that could be moved around, such as the registrar’s date stamp and the registrar’s text/signature stamp. As WND has reported, this is possible to do, however, with the Obama birth certificate PDF when viewed in Adobe Acrobat or in Adobe Illustrator.

Nor does switching off layers in this document permit a text level to be separated from the security background layer, as demonstrated in Exhibit 9.

Exhibit 9: Text separated from background, Obama birth certificate PDF

In conclusion, despite repeated trials, no expert has been able to replicate the effects seen in the Obama birth certificate PDF by scanning a document, even with OCR software switched on and the resulting PDF optimized.

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