How much don’t we know about Barack Obama as he nears the end of his third year of White House occupation?

Well, he claims today is his 50th birthday.

Yet, incredibly, it is still only an unsubstantiated claim – and, perhaps, more suspect than ever.

This was the year Obama finally yielded to pressure, largely from me, Jerome Corsi and a handful of other Americans, to release his so-called “long-form birth certificate” – the one he had been scrupulously hiding for so long.

Not many others in the media were ever interested in the story of Obama’s history, roots and questions about his constitutional eligibility. So, when he posted an image of this document last April on the White House website, the news industry fell all over itself proclaiming that all questions about his background had now been answered.



The document Obama actually released raised more questions than it answered. Why? Because, as WND’s Corsi has proven to any objective party willing to look at the facts, that “birth certificate” is as phony as his debt-reduction plan – maybe worse.

In other words, Obama not only delayed and stonewalled and obfuscated over the release of his birth certificate for three years, he also eventually, under pressure, released a fraudulent one. That’s the most well-kept open secret in America today. It’s the topic no one – not Republicans, not Democrats, not media people, not officeholders, not even prominent tea-party activists – wants to talk about.

Yet every poll taken on the subject shows half the country doesn’t believe his story or his phony birth document.

Since I carried the ball on this issue when no one wanted to talk about it, I am actually stepping up my own activism on the eligibility issue through 2012.

The first stage comes in a renewed billboard campaign that you might want to characterize as my own personal birthday gift to Barack Obama. It was the “Where’s the birth certificate?” slogan, plastered on billboards all over America, that began to change public opinion in America regarding Obama’s eligibility. Now the new campaign asks, “Where’s the real birth certificate?”

It’s the key question of Obama’s administration because any occupant of the White House who releases a provably false document critical to his own constitutional eligibility has placed himself in a very vulnerable position.

It’s one thing to dodge the question, as he did for three years. It’s another to answer it with outright fraud, which he has.

Because of the overwhelming evidence put forward now from document experts who have examined this official White House deception, it’s all a matter of public record. Obama’s birth certificate fraud is indefensible. In desperation, like others in his position in the past, he has decided to cover up the original crime with an even more serious crime. But now he has left a paper trail in his wake.

How long will it take to see him frog-marched down Pennsylvania Avenue?

How will this charade finally be resolved?

What steps need to be taken to see justice prevail?

We’re not nearly as far away as you might think. While the media and the failed Washington political establishment would like it to just go away, that will never happen.

Not as long as I am around to sit on Obama’s birthday cake.

The day of reckoning is coming for Obama – and for all the suits that helped him deceive the American people and helped him find the loopholes in the American political system.

Certifigate will be his undoing – as long as you won’t let it go.

Would you like to see those billboards all over America in 2012? Do you think it will make a difference in undermining his illegitimate authority and his prospects for extending it?

If so, I hope you will join me in making an Obama birthday pledge to support the “Where’s the real birth certificate?” billboard campaign.

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