Colin Powell

An organization preparing for a Gathering of Truth event regarding “the usurper in the White House” is offering former Secretary of State Colin Powell a hefty financial reward if he will listen to evidence that President Obama is ineligible.

Leaders of the Birther Summit organization are dispatching a letter today to Powell, who describes himself as Republican but has been a longtime ardent advocate for Obama.

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The letter cites Powell’s statement a few weeks ago in which he was speaking to South Carolina State University’s graduates and confirmed he enjoyed, “When President Obama took out his birth certificate and blew away Donald Trump and all the birthers!”

According to the Blaze, the stadium “roared in approval” of Powell’s comments.

Powell was referring to the image that was released April 27 – in hard copy format to a select few reporters and online for the rest of the world – that purports to be Obama’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth.

The White House at the time said it was “proof positive” of Obama’s Hawaiian birth and, thus, his constitutional eligibility as a “natural-born citizen.” The statement disregarded entirely the argument that America’s Founders understood a “natural-born citizen” to be the offspring of two of the nation’s citizens. By that standard, Obama fails, as his father was not a U.S. citizen.

The image:

Moreover, experts in a wide range of fields, from documents to imaging to computers to software, have declared that the online image and the printed copy is a manufactured composite.

Powell’s statement apparently disregarded that evidence.

Dean C. Haskins, who is organizing the Birther Summit, said his request to Powell is simple.

“We would like to sit down with you and present evidence proving that what Barack Obama used to ‘blow away Donald Trump and all the birthers’ was not actually a valid birth certificate, but a forgery,” the letter explains. “We would also like to present evidence to you of other dubious information Obama has used to misrepresent himself and his eligibility to hold the office of president, including his use of a Social Security number that appears to have never been assigned to him, and a forged Selective Service registration form.”

Haskins said that if Powell chose to meet, he wouldn’t have to prepare a speech, because his “experts will do most of the talking.”

“We will, however, ask only one thing of you: after our evidence is presented, you will either affirm that the evidence we present is sufficient for Congress to launch an immediate, non-partisan investigation into this matter (to include independent testimony and discovery), or you will refute our evidence. It must be understood that refutation of our evidence must be done with evidence, and cannot be anecdotal or rhetorical in nature,” Haskins wrote.

“Because we value your past and present service to our country, and because we still believe that duty, honor, and country still matter, we affirm that you should be well compensated for your time, and are prepared to offer to you, or to Wings of Hope (or any other charity you may specify), a check in the amount of $15,000. Because of the gravity of this issue, we think that $5,000 per hour for little more than listening to the truth should be fair compensation for your time,” he continued.

“You stated that Barack Obama provided personal enjoyment for you by supplying what he called a ‘birth certificate;’ now, we’d like to supply you with something of actual value just to see the irrefutable evidence and listen to the truth,” he wrote.

“I await your response to our challenge.”

Haskins told WND that arrangements were made for the letter to be delivered to Powell through a speaker’s bureau with which he’s associated. If there is a meeting, he said, five reporters will be allowed to be present. Reporters can apply at

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