This is the fifth in a series of continuing articles aimed at exposing the “OBOTs” – radical supporters of Barack Obama dedicated to disrupting people who question his eligibility to be president.

The first article exposed former California lawyer William L. Bryan, aka “P.J. Foggy.” The second article exposed Foggy’s sidekick, Kurt Coleman, aka “Rikker.” The third article exposed James A. Johnson, former head of Fannie Mae, as “JimBot,” the White House contact and organizer of the “Fogbow” OBOTs posting on Bryan’s website The fourth article documented Internet posts by Bryan confirming the identification of Johnson.

Editor’s note: The following article, including the taped telephone recording, contains sexually suggestive language that some will consider offensive.

NEW YORK – In the disinformation world propagated by the radical Obama supporters known as OBOTs, ” short for “Obama Robots,” participants typically post their strongly partisan and frequently acerbic comments under a user name to hide their identity.

Following WND articles exposing the OBOT claim that James A. Johnson, former head of Fannie Mae, was their White House contact, organizer and funder, OBOT posters on have changed their story and contend they lied in an effort to “punk” WND.

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Foggy denial

Currently Bill Bryan, the creator of who posts under the username “P. J. Foggy,” has issued repeated denials that Johnson is involved with the OBOTs posting on

In his various posts, Bryan justifies the lying as part of an elaborate campaign the OBOTs conduct to “punk birthers,” with tactics that have included falsifying documents, influencing court proceedings and harassing ordinary citizens who dare to question Obama’s eligibility to be president.

Bryan’s current theme is that by lying in his posts on, he convinced WND to publish a story falsely identifying Johnson as “JimBot” on

Exhibit 1 clearly shows Bryan bragging about lying, in a comment posted on Aug. 1.

Exhibit 1: Bill Bryan, posting as “P.J. Foggy,” brags he lied about James A. Johnson

Again, on Aug. 2, as seen in Exhibit 2, Bryan boasted he would post comments on the WND forum claiming he lied if WND wrote additional stories on Johnson.

Exhibit 2: Bill Bryan, posting as “P.J. Foggy” claims he fooled WND by lying

This leaves Bryan in the position of either having impersonated the identity of Johnson though his various posts dating from 2009 until last week or claiming he had always been lying about Johnson.

A brief look at a webpage from mid-July gives a snapshot view of the foul language, insults and ridicule that occasion every mention of WND on the website.

Bryan, himself, typically takes the lead in bathroom language, as seen in Exhibit 3.

Exhibit 3: Bill Bryan post undistinguished by scatological language

Despite repeated phone calls from WND, Johnson has not commented.

NeonZX is ‘not grumpy’

WND has previously reported that NeonZX uses the username “JimBot” as a type of double-cover that permits prominent Democratic Party operative Johnson to make phone calls and direct the group.

NeonZX/JimBot posted on his YouTube site a video of himself entitled “Grumpy Neon?” in which he playfully mocks Bryan for putting him on the “grumpy” list. In the video, which has since been removed, NeonZX displays a kitten, repeating a theme in the various videos of cats and kittens he has posted on his YouTube channel. BirtherReportDotCom post a rendition of the video with its own commentary.

Exhibit 4 is a screen capture of NeonZX taken from the “Grumpy Neon?” video.

Exhibit 4: “NeonZX ” screen capture from the “Grumpy Neon?” video

A second video on the YouTube channel is revealingly titled “NeonZX.”

This video displays an image of the extraterrestrial adversary known as “Dalek” from the British science fiction television show “Dr. Who,” which NeonZX uses as his avatar when posting on

According to administrative records maintained on, NeonZX joined the website at 7:27 a.m. on March 10, 2009.

When checked by WND, NeonZX had posted 1,064 comments on, for an average of 1.21 posts daily.

NeonZX, upon registering, listed he was 49 years old.

With typical “punking” humor, NeonZX mocked the idea that posters on shared identities, drawing from the character of “Neo,” the character played by Keanu Reeves in the “Matrix” movies, as seen in Exhibit 5.

Exhibit 5: NeonZX uses “Matrix” movie theme to assert he is the only “JimBot.”

WND has now had two phone discussions with NeonZX in which he refused to provide his identification.

The phone number, with a Washington, D.C., area code, traced to a disposable cell phone purchased by an identified user.

Neon ZX initiated the second phone call, which he taped and posted on, only to remove it a short time later.

“[] isn’t an organized effort,” NeonZX said in the phone call, continuing to protest the contention that Johnson had organized the effort from the White House.

“It’s just a bunch of us out here having fun.”

The phone call can be heard here:

Exhibit 6 shows a NeonZX Internet post on in which he contradicted the claim the OBOTs were not organized, bragging instead that: “Of course, I let them believe as they wish, but we here all know the true hierarchy of the organization. Wouldn’t it blow their mind if only they knew how deep the rabbit hole really is?”

Exhibit 6: NeonZX brags OBOTs are highly connected

In Exhibit 6, NeonZX also bragged about his sophistication with phone technology, suggesting he could use high-security cellphones, complete with secure-encryption systems.

Larry Sinclair charges NeonZX with death threat

Larry Sinclair, the author of the book “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” has filed criminal charges against NeonZX that resulted in an FBI investigation.

As WND reported in February 2008, Sinclair alleged that he used cocaine and engaged in homosexual acts with Barack Obama when Obama was an Illinois state senator. In 2009, NeonZX taunted Sinclair with a photo of a Fox News report on a Daytona Beach resident burning down a rental home in an outdoor grill fire, as seen in Exhibit 7.

Exhibit 7: Sinclair Accuses NeonZX of Death Threat

NeonZX told WND he posted the picture because he saw an Internet video of Sinclair using a barbeque grill in an enclosed porch area.

“If he was stupid enough to use a grill in an enclosed area, I thought he was stupid enough to burn down his house,” NeonZX told WND, denying he intended his Internet posting to represent a threat to Sinclair’s life.

Sinclair reported the incident to the FBI and told WND that Special Agent Brenda Borne of the Washington, D.C., FBI office had interviewed NeonZX, who Sinclair identified as one “James Berry.”

NeonZX confirmed to WND that the FBI had interviewed him over the Sinclair incident, but he equivocated when asked by WND if the investigation was continuing.

FBI Special Agent Brenda Borne did not return repeated WND calls asking for comment.

Exhibit 8 shows a posting on on Oct. 17, 2010, in which NeonZX made clear the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia had made public Sinclair’s book as part of a plaintiff’s exhibit.

Exhibit 8: NeonZX posts on offering Larry Sinclair’s book free

NeonZX then linked to a posting of the court papers and Sinclair’s book.

As seen in Exhibit 9, NeonZX’s account profile on gives no reference to his identity.

Exhibit 9: NeonZX account on

NeonZX also posts comments on, another website dedicated in general to attacking and ridiculing those questioning Obama’s eligibility and in particular to attacking and ridiculing Larry Sinclair.

Speculation that NeonZX is the “Justin” who created, an OBOT website that is currently off the Internet, is incorrect. The head of has been identified as Justin Schillo of Pittsburgh, Pa.

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