People who characterize the tea-party movement as terrorists are clearly incapable of rationally processing information.

They don’t know right from wrong.

They have no appreciation for American history and constitutional guarantees for freedom of speech and petitioning for redress of grievances.

They don’t recognize that when tea-party groups get together, they clean up after themselves.

They don’t burn, loot, commit arson, rape or murder.

Yet, people like Vice President Joe Biden call the tea-party activists “terrorists.”

Do you want to see the face of terrorism today?

Just look to Philadelphia or to London.

That’s terrorism.


The classic quote from a rioter on the street in London was this: “We hear people were getting stuff free, so why not us?”

You will notice that tea-party activists don’t have a sense of entitlement. They don’t ask for free stuff. They don’t demand handouts. They don’t ask that government take care of them. They just ask that government follow the rule of law and act responsibly.

The rioters in the streets of London and Philadelphia most certainly do have a sense of entitlement. They believe they have the right to rob and beat other people and take what they want. They believe in burning and terrorizing and attacking police and civilians.

But no one calls them terrorists.

Have you noticed that?

I’ve been watching the coverage of the Philadelphia and London riots for days, and not one public official, not one reporter, no one has called the perpetrators of these acts of violence what they are – terrorists.

I honestly believe this is what happens to societies that try to bribe the disenchanted with “entitlements” and welfare. It doesn’t lead to a more peaceful society. It leads to a more expectant and demanding underclass.

That’s what we are seeing in London and Philadelphia today.

Nobody can understand what’s happening.

It’s just too self-evident for them to see.

When you demonize the hard-working, productive middle class who organize peacefully and call for reforms, you are inviting the shiftless, unproductive class to take the opposite approach.

I think what we’re seeing in London and Philadelphia is just the beginning.

Government officials have set the stage for this kind of behavior.

They don’t honor and respect civilized protest. And then they’re surprised by disorderly and uncivilized behavior.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

Many of those rioting in London in Philadelphia, we’re told, are school students on summer vacation. That’s certainly encouraging news, isn’t it? In other words, these malcontents are products of the government school system. Government has done a great job teaching them right from wrong, hasn’t it?

Think about it.

What makes people think they can attack others, burn down homes and businesses, torch cars and steal at will?

Shouldn’t we expect government school systems to be able to teach students not to do those things? Wouldn’t that be a minimal expectation?

When people go mad like this, the only thing that can stop them is brute force. More cops. More government.

If people are incapable of governing themselves, government force is the only alternative.

Only a moral people, those who can distinguish between right and wrong, are capable of governing themselves.

Look into the eyes of those rioting in London and Philadelphia and decide for yourselves if those people are capable of governing themselves.

Then take a look into the eyes of the tea-party activists and see what you think.

By discouraging tea-party activism, by labeling it harshly, by not recognizing the good and responsible it is embracing, we are inviting exactly what we see happening in London and Philadelphia.

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