Have you ever noticed how some of the most disparate extremists on the political spectrum actually end up serving each other’s interests – at least in the short term?

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Homosexual political activists are pushing hard for the cultural and legal acceptance of same-sex marriage, the adoption of hate-crimes legislation and open homosexual activity in the U.S. armed forces.

Opposition to this agenda typically comes from practicing and observant Christians and Jews who recognize the Bible unequivocally condemns homosexual behavior is sinful and that there are grave real-life consequences to nations that condone it.

But I want you to notice who doesn’t actively oppose this agenda in American society today – organized Muslim groups.

Why would that be?

Wouldn’t you expect it?

After all, we know how harshly homosexuals are treated in the Islamic world. They are murdered, jailed, institutionalized, condemned and brutalized.

So why don’t the active Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. speak out in opposition to policies that would never even be whispered about in any Islamic state on the planet?

I will tell you why: Because they recognize the promotion of this agenda in the U.S. actually serves the Islamist long-term agenda. They recognize that the success of this agenda promotes the weakening of the United States of America in multiple ways.

Let’s examine how.

There is little question the legal acceptance of same-sex marriage will open the door to the legalization of polygamy. It’s inevitable. After all, if it is now “discriminatory,” as we’re told, to prohibit two men or two women from getting married, clearly it is “discriminatory” to prohibit the marriage of one man and two or more women. There is simply no other rational way to view it.

Who benefits? Those who practice polygamy as part of their religion – Muslims.

I have to laugh at those proponents and apologists for same-sex marriage who suggest there is simply no demand for polygamy. Believe me, worldwide there is a huge demand for polygamy. One-third of the world practices it as a matter of course. There is far less demand, by comparison, for same-sex marriage.

What about hate-crimes legislation? Homosexual activists demand special class status in which they will be free of any dirty looks, offensive speech or criticism because of their lifestyle choices. You might expect organizations of observant Muslims to join with observant Christians and Jews to defend their rights to condemn what all their faiths believe to be sinful behavior. Not so. I have yet to see one of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups active in the U.S. oppose the imposition of hate-crimes laws based on sexual proclivities.


I suggest to you it is because those Muslim Brotherhood front groups also intend to use similar hate-crimes laws to their advantage. In fact, they already are in many places – college campuses, government school districts, government offices and major corporations.

And what about opposition to the gutting of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law? Where are the Muslim organizations on this one? Once again, they are AWOL. Peculiar, isn’t it?

Not really. That’s because, I believe, the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood tentacles in the U.S. recognize that, ultimately, the U.S. military is one of the last lines of defense of a nation in economic, political and cultural retreat. And they recognize that open homosexual activity within the military’s ranks renders it less effective. In other words, it spells victory for the jihadists who ruled the world in the past and intend to rule it in the future.

In fact, not only are the Muslim Brotherhood front groups surprisingly silent on these moral and political issues, some of their agents are actively involved in alliances with groups promoting these agendas. This explains some of the strange political bedfellows and alliances we see in America today.

Until recently, you might note, the only organized political opposition to both the homosexual agenda and the Shariah agenda came from conservatives.

But that is changing.

Some conservative activists, flush with Arab cash, are actively networking their new Muslim friends into the movement and through the Republican Party hierarchy. Other conservative activists are selling out to the wealthy homosexual interests. And a few are even straddling both camps in a very strange and dangerous game indeed.

Here are some of the real-life manifestations of these twisted alliance:

  • Ron Paul uses the 10th Amendment to defend states approving same-sex marriage. He is also the only Republican presidential candidate who sees no threat whatsoever from radical Islam.
  • Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform pals around with Muslim Brotherhood insiders and sits on the board of GOProud, a Republican-oriented homosexual rights organization pushing same-sex marriage, hate crimes laws and open homosexuality in the U.S. military.
  • And, of course, there is no shortage of liberal and left-wing Americans who, in the name of “diversity,” promote both the cause of the Islamists and the homosexual activists – two groups that seem to have little in common and that one day, when Islam’s hand in the U.S. is stronger, will find themselves in conflict.

So what explains the current brand of patty-cake politics between the Muslim Mafia and the Gay Mafia?

Money, moral relativism, naiveté and power.

But this is a short-term marriage of convenience, not a marriage made in heaven.

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