Republican politics has always been a damage-control activity for America’s Big Media. Brand-identity thieves are far and away the media’s first choice among “Republicans.” After all, what’s not to like about another Democratic vote on key legislation, even if he or she “steps back into the Republican closet” around re-election time?

When the race becomes more difficult, Big Media respond by trying to pick the Republican candidate most likely to lose the general election. This is a straw man or woman they heap praise upon during the primary campaign, even while they are setting that person up for a demolition derby during the general-election campaign. (Note that the kinds of character flaws the media like to expose only enhance the reputation of Democratic politicians among their voters.)

Full-fledged, panic-driven damage control by the media amounts to endorsing during the primary election campaign a Republican who talks about reducing government, but hasn’t ever done it. He or she is really just a good old boy or girl from the other side of the aisle (as distasteful as that may be to the left). Rest easy: He or she simply wants to deliver the taxpayer spoils to a different set of recipients (supporters). Government growth may be slowed, but reduce government? That’s where all our money comes from! Let’s get real!

All of this media duplicity is directed toward preventing a meltdown in the Big Government, redistributionist, nanny-state schemes of the communist left and their politburo ultra-wealthy enablers. The media are communists for a reason: They’ve never built anything in their entire lives, and they despise those who have. If the world were fair, ideological purity would determine success.

The communist cancer always moves into a functioning government host, business or foundation and destroys it from within. Newspaper circulation and television news viewership are a case in point. It’s the Internet, don’t you know. But who’s giving away their product for free – to promote ideological purity?

The communist cancer has done the same thing with colleges and universities since the 1960s. Their abysmal academic standards and inflated tuition today tell the story. “Just give us the student loan money, eat our socialist drivel, shut your mouth and after four years of debauchery you’ll get your degree.”

So too does a dysfunctional underclass tell the story. It is sustained, nourished and grown by the taxpayers, courtesy of the ever-expanding nanny-state. For the left the underclass is a twofer: Just add regulations to bureaucracy to more of both and stir with stimulus dollars, fresh from the Federal Reserve bit bucket. What’s ours is ours, and what’s yours is up for grabs.

Ay, yes! And the communist left wants to lecture others on “sustainability.” Perhaps that would be as they migrate out of one destroyed carcass and into the next victim.

The only thing the communist left has ever built is the gulag. It’s where their yellow brick road of other people’s money always ends. Their greatest fear is a man or woman not beholding to the same wealthy establishment that keeps America’s leftists on a leash in their backyards, for their own amusement and profit.

Please, help them pick the next Republican presidential candidate!

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