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Congressman won't say Obama's eligibility is settled

While many members of Congress appear to be reciting from a campaign statement when they respond to questions about Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, one Michigan congressman is unable to say the dispute has been settled.

The perspective from Republican Tim Walberg came in a report from the Daily Telegram in Adrian, Mich., that said the congressman “did not tell the questioners that the issue had been settled by Obama when he released his birth certificate in April.”

“Regardless of whether the license that he showed is true or fake, I’ve not seen it other than what was portrayed in the news,” Walberg said.

He noted he’s taken on many other urgent issues but then suggested a repair of the Obama presidency is coming soon.

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“The House is controlled by the majority party being the Republicans, the Senate by the Democrats, the attorney general by the Democrats. That’s the answer. One and a half years. One and a half years. That’s when we do the do-over,” he said.

At the Talk Points blog, the congressman immediately was blasted.

“Walbert is a notorious birther, one of the birtheriest of them all back when the issue still simmered just off the GOP front burner. In Sept. 2010, as a candidate, he told a radio show caller, ‘I don’t know, I really don’t know’ when asked if Obama was a Muslim. On another occasion, he suggested that Congress should use the threat of impeachment to force Obama to release the certificate.”

U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Mich.

The commentary’s readers immediately jumped forward to accuse the congressman of racism.:

“No white president would ever have to submit his brith (sic) certificate to get these shanninigans (sic) to stop,” wrote one.

But another blogger warned that there are some real questions that remain.

“As to date, no controlling legal authority has ever placed its stamp of approval on Obama’s right to be legitimate US president,” the blogger wrote. “The reality remains: Obama is our unconstitutional bogus (non natural born citizen) ‘president.'”

Walberg’s comments are heading in the opposite direction from what many in Congress are saying: That Obama’s eligibility was checked by the courts, the federal government or even the voters.

WND previously reported how Jerry W. Mansfield, an information research specialist in the Knowledge Services Group of the Congressional Research Service, issued a memo to prepare members of Congress to rebut and defuse questions constituents were asking regarding Obama’s presidential eligibility under the natural-born citizen requirement of the Constitution.

WND has posted the CRS memo on Scribd.com for download.

Attached to the memo was an attack-piece published by FactCheck.org to dismiss claims that Obama’s short-form Certification of Live Birth, originally published during the 2008 presidential campaign by DailyKos.com, was a forgery.

Many of the statements from members of Congress also appear to make assumptions about Obama, such as the validity of the long-form birth certificate released by the White House, even though numerous experts have concluded that it is a fake.

When Obama released that image on April 27, after years of stating that the document was not available, the Hawaii Department of Health and governor’s office refused even to confirm for WND that the image released was an accurate representation of the state’s records.

And the questions about Obama’s status continue to grow. A recent poll showed fully half the nation wants Congress to investigate his eligibility.

Instead of resolving the issue, the image that Obama released to the public on April 27 has raised new ones. For example, during an interview by NBC News’ national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff, former Hawaii health department chief Chiyome Fukino, who has claimed to have examined the “original” documentation in the state archives, said the original document was “half typed and half handwritten.”

But the statement conflicts with the document that Obama released, which his staff members described as “proof positive” of a Hawaiian birth. Only the signatures and dates are “handwritten,” not half the document.

An extensive report from Mara Zebest, who has contributed as author or editor to dozens of books on computer software, concluded the image clearly is a fraud. She’s one among many experts in computers, imaging and documents that have called the document a fraud.

Among the statements from members of Congress:

There have been a few who have expressed concern over the situation: