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An Air Force veteran who was discharged from the service in a dramatically quick move last week after he challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president says he’s back in his home town in Nebraska, but his campaign to reveal the truth about the present occupant of the Oval Office is just beginning.

Daryn Moran was serving as a staff sergeant in the Air Force in Germany when he first became alarmed at Obama’s insistence on installing open homosexuality in the U.S. armed services. Then, as part of his research into that issue, he found out about the many questions that remain unanswered about Obama’s eligibility.

The result when he started asking for evidence?

A quick discharge from the military, a next-day flight home and a new status as a former member of the Air Force, as WND reported.

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In a telephone interview today from a residence where he is staying in Omaha, Neb., Moran told WND that he does not want to let the question of Obama’s eligibility drop.

“My personal goal is to see Obama removed before the next elections,” he told WND.

He said he will be working with his local and state government officials to raise awareness of the dispute, would speak whenever he could on the issue and still considers himself a patriot ready and willing to defend his country.

His opinion of Obama, however, takes another tone.

“I called the man an enemy (of our country). My words ain’t changing,” he told WND.

He recounted that the sequence of events.

When Obama was pressuring Congress to repeal the ban on homosexuals in the military that had been in place since 1993, he became concerned.

He raised the issue with his command structure because of his concerns over a military environment that would violate his biblically based beliefs.

Barack Obama

While researching the issue, he encountered evidence published on WND and other sites that questions remained about Obama’s eligibility.

He decided there was too much at stake to ignore the possibility that Obama’s presence in the White House violated the Constitution, and he raised the issue with superiors. Ultimately, he told military leaders he would not report for further duty until the question was addressed, and he said what followed was a lightning-speed discharge.

At the time, he posted online, “I’ve identified why I will not follow orders in the military anymore. Should B. Obama provide an original birth certificate from Hawaii that professionals prove valid, it would be nice to know he was born in our country, instead of still having no rational reason to believe he was. He cannot change the fact that his dad was never an American citizen, and I won’t be addressing the natural born citizen clause at this moment, except to say, of course, I believe as an American, that the founders meant two citizen parents and that our history of court rulings etc fully validate this.

“The crux now lies in what will B. Obama do. If B. Obama learns not to lie, and indeed tells the truth, he deserves credit for his change of heart. My personal primary concern is to be as solid as a rock in my battle against his known lying and forgery, for this I will die. However, all other issues and circumstances can be worked out and there is no need for such rock solid standing.”

A retired military officer, Cmdr. Charles Kerchner, who took a legal challenge to Obama’s eligibility to the U.S. Supreme Court, said, “Soldiers in the ranks should not have to be demanding our leaders and Congress take action to investigate Obama.

“The Joint Chiefs of Staff of our military should be taking action. They took a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. It is now obvious that we have a domestic enemy of the Constitution in the Oval Office. The Joint Chiefs should call on Congress and arrange for a private, secret meeting with the key leaders of Congress and tell them that what is going on in our country (with the criminal activities in the White House exemplified with the placing of a forged Obama birth certificate onto the White House servers on 27 April 2011) is of great concern to them and that it is of great concern also to maintain the morale and integrity of our military and to their living up to their common core values and their oath to support and defend the Constitution.”

He said the Joint Chiefs should give Congress up to 10 days to call for a congressional investigation of Obama, and if “the Congress does still does not act, then the Joint Chiefs of Staff should hold a public news conference and reveal that they have made a plea to Congress to act.”

Questions about Obama’s eligibility have been circulating since before his election, with numerous court cases that mostly have been dismissed on technical grounds. The issue has been presented to the U.S. Supreme Court several times.

However, Justice Clarence Thomas suggested the court was avoiding the issue.

Thomas was before the House subcommittee when Chairman Rep. Jose Serrano, D-N.Y., raised the question amid a discussion on racial diversity in the judiciary.

“I’m still waiting for the [court decision] on whether or not a Puerto Rican can run for president of the United States,” said Serrano, who was born in the island territory. “That’s another issue.”

Yet after Serrano asked Thomas whether or not the land’s highest court would be well-served by a justice who had never been a judge, Thomas not only answered in the affirmative but also hinted that Serrano would be better off seeking a seat in the Supreme Court than a chair in the Oval Office.

“I’m glad to hear that you don’t think there has to be a judge on the court,” said Serrano, “because I’m not a judge; I’ve never been a judge.”

“And you don’t have to be born in the United States,” said Thomas, referring to the Constitution, which requires the president to be a “natural-born citizen” but has no such requirement for a Supreme Court justice, “so you never have to answer that question.”

“Oh really?” asked Serrano. “So you haven’t answered the one about whether I can serve as president, but you answer this one?”

“We’re evading that one,” answered Thomas, referring to questions of presidential eligibility and prompting laughter in the chamber. “We’re giving you another option.”

The video:

Moran told WND today he is working on settling his family away from the military’s control.

“I am going to keep in touch with everyone who emailed me. I’ll be traveling and speaking at engagements,” the 13-year active duty veteran said. “Nothing’s changed for me.

“My separation from active duty changes nothing for me personally. I plan to lead all true Americans in the fight to expose his lies, remove him from his job before the next election, and when feasible under the rule of law, arrest him,” he told WND by email.

The military reported Moran was an ophthalmology technician in the 86th Airlift Wing at Ramstein Air Base. But a statement from the base said, “While we are aware of the comments that appear on various Websites attributed to Staff Sgt. Moran, officials with the United States Air forces in Europe will not discuss nor characterize those comments.”

The case recalls the months-long challenge to Obama’s eligibility by Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin. Lakin ultimately was sentenced at a court-martial to six months in prison for his decision not to follow deployment orders because Obama had failed to document his eligibility to be commander in chief of the armed services. Lakin has since been released from Ft. Leavenworth.

During his 2008 campaign, Obama’s webmaster posted online an image of a Hawaiian short-form birth certificate and Obama contended that it was the only document available from the state.

However, as others were obtaining long-form birth cerificates, the assertion was questioned.

Then in April, just as Jerome Corsi’s book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” was about to be released, Obama’s White House released an image of a “Certificate of Live Birth” from Hawaii.

Since then,. numerous experts in computers, images and documents have agreed that the released image is not only forged, it’s not even a good forgery.

This is what the White House released:

At the time, Hawaii officials declined to respond when WND requested confirmation that the image released was an accurate representation of the state’s records.

Some argue that even if he was born in Hawaii, he remains ineligible because his father never was a U.S. citizen. Scholars cited by some of the Founders at the time the Constitution was written defined a “natural-born citizen” as the offspring of two citizen parents.

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