Note: This week Victoria Jackson reports from WND’s Tea Party at Sea cruise to Alaska.

Hubbard Glacier, Sept. 1, 2011

I saw the tail of a whale and spray from his blow hole.

I saw a bear crossing the street.

Alaska forest, Aug. 30, 2011

Next month, Jerome Corsi will be publishing new information about exactly where Obama was when he was supposedly at Columbia University. It contains new evidence linking Obama to communism. I must add it to the growing list of facts in the middle of my song “There’s a Communist Living in the White House,” which I had the pleasure of singing at a Juneau tea party where Joe Miller encouraged patriots to continue the fight to save America. Joe Miller, is not a man who pursues power. That’s why he qualifies to be a leader. He has a servant’s heart. I loved spending time with him. I did not know he was a West Point graduate, top of his class, and a Yale Law school graduate. Joe’s beautiful wife, Kathleen Miller, confronted the liberal, biased journalist who was at the tea party. She asked him why he hadn’t reported on the proven corruption and voter fraud of the Murkowski election. One “write in” spelled Murkowski, “Murcows–t” and it was accepted! Unbelievable! My video of Joe Miller is coming next week when I can download it and publish it from home. Internet is impossibly slow on this big, beautiful cruise ship.

I saw salmon dramatically swimming upstream to spawn. They go to their birthplace to die.

I saw a happy otter with a salmon in his mouth.

Dinner on the cruise with the Millers and other friends.

Alan Keyes spontaneously sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in his surprisingly beautiful operatic voice as I played the song on a white grand piano in a bar that served salmon hors d’eurves.

Cruise speaker Lowell Ponte told me that a communist named Yip Harburg wrote that song!

Floyd Brown, author of “Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth,” explained how just this week, “killionaire” Warren Buffett, (in bed with Obama) fleeced the system, raped the system, using his financial power; something involving the Bank of America.

You will have to anxiously await my video of Joseph Farah explaining his youthful encounter with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn; my video of Joe Miller explaining the Murkowski mess (she is voting with the Obama agenda – a true liberal in RINO clothing); my video of Native Hoonah fisherman filleting fish and admitting they voted for Obama and Murkowski because they didn’t know any other candidates (they got Internet three months ago); my video of Jerome Corsi explaining HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research) and contrails; and my video of Aaron Klein (, ABC Radio), author of “The Manchurian President,” discussing Israel. There is no technical way for me to get the videos through cyberspace from this remote location.

Handstand on Main Street in Skagway.

We saw glaciers today. A glacier is a big, big piece of ice.

My husband, Paul, played the piano for me while I performed my stand-up comedy routine for the whole ship, and Alan Keyes surprised all with a reprise of his song. (It will be on Youtube soon!) Paul’s favorite part of the trip: “the speakers and the food.” Paul (the ever-disciplined body builder) has a new fascination with gluttony. His new catch phrase: “Life is a buffet.” His new goal: a 40 inch waist by Christmas.

I got to see Sarah Palin’s childhood home. It was built in 1899. I did a handstand in the middle of Main Street in Skagway, such a charming, little town.

David Kupelian, author of “The Marketing of Evil,” said, “The media’s irrational infatuation with embryonic stem-cell research is an unrecognized desire to validate abortion … give it nobility … quiet the fires of conscience.” He said that adult stem-cell therapy is working way more effectively than the embryonic stem-cell therapy, which seems to be a disaster. The media are falsely accusing Rick Perry of hypocrisy while failing to mention that he had the adult, not the embryonic, therapy.

Molotov Mitchell and his beautiful wife, D.J. Dolce, taught us Krav Maga, Israeli close-combat techniques. I am now able to escape if someone is choking me.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, a brilliant speaker, shared his findings in the mysterious search for the true identity of Barack Obama. He mentioned Obama’s Social Security Number from Connecticut. It was not issued to him but to an alias, Harrison J. Bounel, who database searches show is related to Michelle Obama. Why does the president have a false identity? William Ayers, Obama’s radical communist long-time friend, was a fugitive and is an expert at false IDs.

Floyd Brown told us to stock up on three to six months of food, buy guns and ammunition, buy gold and silver, get out of debt and live frugally, in preparation for the upcoming storm. But, he left us with hope. Hope in family and in God. “The sun always comes up in the morning.”

I saw an eagle.

Molotov Mitchell said, “I’m sick of the doom and gloom. I will not let my country die. We all know that in the end – we win.”

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