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When teachers are the cheaters

Remember when your fifth-grade teacher seemed like the smartest person in the world? And whatever she told you had to be 100 percent true, beyond question? Could you even imagine that she would deliberately, intentionally mislead you? Or that she would ever cheat on her own tests? Probably not.

As I was finishing high school, and pondering what profession I might pursue, I knew that above all I wanted my life to count for something good, something that would help other people – so I decided to be a teacher.

I visualized being a high-school English teacher, helping kids to develop reading and language skills, but also looking for ways to use my position of influence to help those same kids make good life choices. I realize now it was idealistic, but it seemed like a worthwhile way to use my one life.

So what I’m about to share with you makes me furious.

I’ve written here before about the National Education Association (NEA), the teachers’ union. Sounds like it would be a very worthwhile, upstanding organization, doesn’t it? Looking out for the long-suffering, hard-working, under-appreciated teachers, right? A support group that would help good teachers become even better, and through them to help generations of bright young Americans become well educated, capable and prosperous citizens of the finest country in the world – is that what you thought the NEA is?

Well, think again.

The Eagle Forum, one of our nation’s premier advocacy organizations, has researched, investigated and revealed the following scandal. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal released a 413-page report describing how hundreds of Atlanta public school teachers and principals had been cheating during the past 10 years on standardized tests in order to falsely report that their schools were doing a good job and the kids were improving. A total of 178 teachers and principals (38 were principals), 82 of whom have already confessed, had fraudulently raised test scores so their schools would meet test targets set by the district and thereby qualify for federal funds.

A 10-month inquiry by 60 investigators, conducting 2,100 interviews, showed that principals and teachers in 56 schools had been cheating since 2001 by various methods, such as erasing wrong answers on tests and inserting correct answers.

The high scores of Atlanta schoolchildren had enabled Superintendent Beverly Hall to collect $600,000 in performance bonuses over 10 years – to supplement her $400,000 annual salary. Two national organizations honored her with the title Superintendent of the Year. What a role model for the kids!

The Atlanta scandal didn’t make it onto the agenda of the annual NEA convention, though. It was held in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend, and according to the Phyllis Schlafly Report, the representatives of the 3.2 million teachers were “too busy passing their usual long list of anti-parent, pro-homosexual, pro-feminist and left-wing resolutions.” The moral decay among their own leadership was not a topic.

What were the NEA’s more important items? The convention’s Standing Rule Amendment 1 ordered all future NEA materials to replace references to K-12 with “Pre-K-12.” It will mandate creating even more union members by expanding the role of our public schools to indoctrinate 3- and 4-year-old children! And indoctrinate them how? For several years now, the union has demanded “early childhood education programs in the public schools for children from birth through age 8,” in addition to “compulsory attendance in Kindergarten.” Do you grasp the meaning of “compulsory” as it relates to parental choice?

This Resolution B-1 also insists that Pre-K programs (for our infants) have “diversity-based curricula” and “bias-free screening devices.” How does this high-sounding verbiage translate into classes for our little toddlers?

The NEA – our heavily tax-supported teachers union – voted to “publish Articles to celebrate the contributions of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender) teachers and GBLT friends of education.” This for our little pre-schoolers and those to whom we’ve entrusted their developing minds and futures! And without any regard whatsoever for parents’ wishes.

And shouldn’t the purposes of education be non-political, totally non-partisan and objective – not biased in any extreme direction? Well, tell that to the NEA. They’re the most obviously, unashamedly biased, totally leftist organization, other than the Communist Party itself. And they’re wielding their frightening power over the minds of our children and their teachers with the gloves off, no pretense of objectivity at all.

Resolutions passed by the NEA include endorsement of abortion, family planning clinics in public schools, courses in multiculturalism (not blending in with purely American culture), global and environmental and bilingual education, courses in AIDS education and every kind of sexual deviation from the normal heterosexual and society-building norm – but opposing voucher plans (parental choice about which school their kids will attend), tuition tax credits, parental option plans and homeschooling.

Do you get the picture, plain and clear? The NEA intends (and is succeeding) to take over your children’s life-shaping school experience totally!

Meanwhile, they are voraciously, unrestrainedly political. Going on record as the first union to endorse Barack Obama for a second term, NEA delegates voted overwhelmingly to support him in the 2012 election, a year earlier than they usually make their endorsements. Among their other political resolutions were endorsements of single-payer (government) health care, reparations for descendants of slaves, statehood for the District of Columbia, compliance with ungratified United Nations treaties, opposition to English as our official language, opposition to a moment of silence in schools and strict regulation of guns. Resolution H-1 urges all members to “become politically involved in NEA political action committees” to elect Democrat, pro-Obama candidates!

What do you make of all this? Is it remotely acceptable to you as a parent, a grandparent or just as a concerned citizen to have our children, America’s future, completely in the grip of such a biased, politically driven union? Do you not feel we have to change this Orwellian distortion of everything that made America who we’ve been?

Several heroic organizations are doing their valiant best to counteract these subversive, pervasive, nation-wrecking programs. The Eagle Forum, CFACT (Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow) and Beverly Hayes’ Concerned Women for America are working 24/7 on the front lines of our democracy. They deserve, they must have, our support.

When our very teachers are caught red-handed cheating on their own tests, America is at the very edge of disintegration.