Michael Savage

Savage made his long-awaited fiction debut this week, when his new thriller “Abuse of Power” hit bookstores. Already a bestseller, the book presents a new hero for our post-9/11 world – a character that, as Savage admits in a new interview, shares some intriguing traits with his creator.

Savage was disgusted by the tone of the official 9/11 memorial services: “I watched with astonishment over the weekend. Not one ceremony mentioned the 400-pound gorilla in the room. Nobody mentioned who flew the planes into the World Trade Centers. It was as if radical Islam no longer existed.

“CNN even announced, ‘We are remembering 9/11, the day two planes crashed into the World Trade Center’ – as if the planes just crashed by accident,” he said. Watch the video below:

Rush Limbaugh

“Bachmann really jumped the shark” during the CNN tea-party debate, Rush Limbaugh declared.

Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., had engaged Texas Governor Rick Perry over the controversial Gardasil vaccination, but some conservative pundits, including Limbaugh, felt she was correct in principle but got her facts wrong.

It was an error Rush believed could cost her momentum in the polls and perhaps even the GOP nomination (FREE webcam).

Limbaugh’s song parodies are always a special treat. This week he debuted a new version of the famous “Theme from Shaft,” originally sung by Isaac Hayes but this time performed by “Obama” (that is, Rush’s in-house parodist, Paul Shanklin). FREE audio.

Sean Hannity

Hannity talked Bachmann about her confrontation with Rick Perry during the latest GOP debate. She accused her opponent of having a conflict of interest regarding the distribution of the controversial Gardasil vaccine (FREE audio).

Before his surprise win in New York’s famously Democratic “Weiner district,” Republican candidate Rob Turner talked to Hannity about his prospects, and why he’d decided to come out of private sector retirement and run for public office (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“Everyone knew that the plant wouldn’t work.”

That’s what a former employee told Mark Levin about Solyndra, the Obama administration’s “green jobs” showcase that just went bankrupt. The whole shocking story from this disillusioned insider makes for riveting radio (FREE audio).

Levin went after his nemesis Ron Paul again this week, blasting the libertarian politician’s “hate America foreign policy”:

“You don’t need to be part of the freak parade, ladies and gentlemen, to realize that our country is going to hell and we need to do something about it. And that our liberty is under attack,” Levin said. “But just as we have people within our borders undermining our country, we have enemies outside our borders that are trying to do the same thing. And if you don’t recognize that the Islamo-Nazis want to destroy this country because we live free, because our society is different, because they seek to enslave us, then you ought not be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.”

Laura Ingraham

Listener favorite author Mark Steyn came on to talk about his new bestseller “After America” and about his theories on how America can reverse its economic and cultural decline.

Also this week, Juan Williams and Laura analyzed the GOP debate, and Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich surveyed the current 2012 Republican field. As for the current occupant of the White House, Gingrich said, “You have a president who is so ineffective it’s frightening. The president is beginning to be a parody of himself.”

Gingrich alternately compared Obama to “a king” and a “five-year-old” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is gradually moving his base of operations from New York City to the friendlier environs of Texas, so he’s leaving the citizens of the Big Apple with a farewell message, posted in the heart of Times Square.

In a recent interview, Beck explained that his new Internet television venture, GBTV, “has got to be bigger than me.” The new venture features regular commentary from comedian Brian Sack and a children’s program called “Liberty Treehouse” is in the works.

And now, from the left side of the dial …

“Is there any job in broadcasting more miserable than co-hosting a talk show with Ron Reagan?”

Brian Maloney’s question over at Radio Equalizer answers itself. The son of the former president comes across as petulant and smug, no more so than when he’s up against a smart conservative like Mary Matalin.

I didn’t know MSNBC even had a show called “Both Sides Now With Huffington and Matalin,” but according to media watcher Maloney, busy mogul Arianna is rarely seen on the program, sending in the likes of Reagan to serve in her stead.

Offering a “truly grating” sample audio clip from a recent on-air confrontation between Reagan and Matalin, Maloney asks: “Is this radio’s most miserable hour?”

Indeed. How anyone could sit through 60 minutes of this is beyond imagining.

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