Many Christians are only now awakening to the seriousness of the threat to our society posed by the homosexual movement. But, unfortunately for us all, it is only the sounding of the victory trumpets by “gay” activists that has stirred Christians from their slumber. The watchman’s walls have been broken and breached, the village is in flames, and triumphal “gay” culture warriors are leading a long string of young prisoners by their necks into the woods. Most disturbingly, many of the captives, including some of the children of these still sleepy-eyed Christian parents, seem happy to go.

I have long warned that the homosexuals agenda is not about tolerance but control. It started, of course, with a plea for tolerance, but then immediately shifted to a demand for acceptance and in due time to celebration of all things “gay.”

It wasn’t enough, however, for prominent public officials in every major city to lead the “Gay Pride” parades. No, the agenda continued to unfold to another level, requiring forced participation in “gay” culture. Much of the country is on that cusp of celebration/coercion today, led by California with it’s new aggressive K-12 homosexual advocacy curriculum, mandated by law.

Even conservative Texas is not immune. Just this week Fox News covered the story of a ninth grader suspended from school for telling a classmate he believes homosexuality is wrong. The outraged teacher who demanded punishment for the boy reportedly keeps a picture on the classroom wall of two men kissing and frequently steers classroom discussions to the homosexual issue.

It took the intervention of a Christian public-interest law firm to get the school to rescind the suspension. But how many students of this same teacher have over the years simply assimilated his values as normal, their parents none the wiser?

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More importantly, how many other classrooms across America are headed by such men and women? Their activist network, the Gay Lesbian Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN – later changed to “education network” GLSEN to hide the teacher/activist association) was powerful enough to launch its founder Kevin Jennings to the position of Obama White House “safe schools” czar for a time. I’d guess their agenda is an influence in just about every classroom by now.

I’m old enough to remember the debate about whether homosexuals should be allowed to be teachers at all, let alone allowed to punish students for disagreeing with the class-time advocacy of their sexual lifestyle. I remember the protestations from the pro-homosexual side, that “gays and lesbians just want the right to be left alone. They would NEVER interject their private lives into the classroom.” They all lied, and we believed them, and now our children and grandchildren are being forced to celebrate “gay” culture under penalty of law.

That is the end game for the “gays.” The final stage of their agenda, which has always been about taking control of things, is the power to punish dissent: to silence or crush their detractors. They only have this level of control in a few places yet, but they are moving fast to achieve it everywhere, and the momentum is on their side. And wherever they have it, they use it.

This brings me, in conclusion, to the subject of “gay marriage.” Huh? How does “gay marriage” in any way relate to homosexual propaganda in schools? Or to Christian parents awakening late to the indoctrination of their children?

It is the same issue, my friends. “Gay marriage,” “gay” curriculum, “gay” parades, “gay” TV shows, “gay” soldiers, “gay” adoption, “gay” diseases, “gay” recruitment and on and on. So many seemingly separate issues that are really just one issue: the unnatural, dysfunctional, personally and socially destructive phenomenon of homosexual sin. We are warned clearly and emphatically about it in the Bible. We have seen its corrupting effect in history. And we are literally watching its ethic of sexual anarchy supplant the biblical model of family as the guiding value system of our society.

I’m not going to add here how much I really love homosexuals and just hate their sin. As a question of public policy it really shouldn’t matter what I think about the perpetrators, just whether I am telling the truth about their agenda. I don’t want to reinforce the ridiculous assumption that Christians need to offer a disclaimer to prove they aren’t haters. It wouldn’t mitigate their hostility toward me for saying it anyhow. Trust me.

I’m not saying here that Christians are without hope of overcoming the challenge before us. Nothing, after all, is impossible with God. What I am saying is that we cannot possibly win, especially at this late stage of the game, if our “heroes” continue to fiddle about with the “definition of marriage” and fall all over themselves trying to prove they’re not haters by endorsing other, non-marriage-related bits of the “gay” agenda.

We need to stand firmly and unapologetically on the hard truth that homosexuality is not a benign, morally neutral social phenomenon. It is an insidious and contagious form of sexual perversion condemned by God as an abomination. I cringe even writing these words because I know the wrath I am inviting on myself. Still, someone needs to say this boldly and publicly because it is the truth, and only the truth can set us free of the political correctness that has imprisoned us until now.

The homosexual agenda represents an existential threat to Christian civilization and we’re in the final phase of the war, losing badly. It all hinges upon you, Christian reader. Either get into the “game” in earnest, immediately, or wave goodbye.

Dr. Scott Lively is an attorney, pastor and author of several books on the homosexual agenda, including “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” (co-authored by Jewish researcher Kevin E. Abrams).

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