The Republican Party is poised to repeat a mistake it made in 2008 – nominating a presidential candidate who cannot beat Barack Obama.

His name is Mitt Romney.

I know. I know. The polls show Obama weak. His policies are failing. Even Democrats are talking openly about an intra-party challenge at this late date.

Nevertheless, Mitt Romney cannot beat Obama any more than John McCain could.

I should know. I wrote the 2008 book “None of the Above: Why 2008 Is the Year To Cast the Ultimate Protest Vote” because the choice facing American voters were so poor. If Mitt Romney gets the nomination in 2012, the choice facing Americans will be even worse.

What real Republicans, those who actually believe in the tenets and platform of the Republican Party and who adhere to conservative principles, need to understand about Mitt Romney is that he is a phony, a fraud, an actor, an ambitious politician who will say anything and do anything to win elections.

Let’s start with the 1994 U.S. Senate debate between Romney and Edward Kennedy. Every Republican needs to watch this debate from the last decade. Here you will see Romney try to persuade Massachusetts voters that he is as pro-abortion as Kennedy, more supportive of special privileges for homosexuals and more appalled by Ronald Reagan’s economic policies.

Now, of course, we are expected to believe that Romney had a Damascus Road experience in his life that changed his views about everything – an experience that has turned him from ultra-progressive to bona fide Reagan conservative. Do you believe that?

At least McCain didn’t try to buffalo conservatives. He hated them and antagonized them, and all conscious conservatives knew it. Romney is insulting to the intelligence of any real conservative.

As governor of Massachusetts, he accomplished the following:

  • enthusiastically used his executive power to institute the state’s Supreme Judicial Court’s illegal legislative action ordering same-sex marriage to be implemented;

  • enthusiastically crafted and enacted a mandatory state health-care program remarkably similar to Obamacare – and still defends it today – even though it includes a provision for taxpayer-supported abortions and placed Planned Parenthood on the advisory board;
  • his administration nominated a same-sex “married” couple as “adoptive parents of the year”;
  • his state’s economy lagged near the bottom of the nation in performance throughout his governorship.

In 2002, when he was running for governorship, Romney strongly defended his no-compromise pro-abortion views on national television:

There are many Americans who simply will not reward Mitt Romney with the presidency simply because he gets the nomination as the candidate to oppose Barack Obama. You can count me as one of those millions.

He is unfit. He is unworthy. And no matter what he says today as he seeks the Republican nomination for the presidency, he is not going to overturn Obamacare or any other achievement of the Obama administration. In fact, he is the perfect establishment cover for ensuring that all of Obama’s devastating accomplishments in office become permanent. That’s what his record shows.

It’s hard for me to believe so many Republicans and even many so-called “conservatives” have found him to be an acceptable choice. But, mark my words, many of us see Romney for just what he is – the worst possible choice to succeed Obama. We will not vote for him. Period. End of story.

So for all those pragmatists out there looking for a candidate who can win, scratch Romney from your list. His money, his looks and his verbal tap-dancing abilities may fool some of the people some of the time, but they won’t fool enough of the Republican base to carry him to victory should he succeed at getting the nomination.

Republican voters, you have been warned.

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