He doesn’t speak English, but I like his politics.

I had occasion recently to have some work done on my property. While the crew was working, I went about doing chores with a small radio in my pocket.

Over the course of the day, I listened to a variety of talk hosts, starting with Rush Limbaugh in the morning. It’s my regular routine.

The volume wasn’t high but no doubt, the workmen could hear some of the programming.

Along about mid-afternoon, one of the men – who had discovered over the couple of days they were working that I speak a bit of Spanish – asked me a question.

I wasn’t certain I fully understood him, but it sounded as though he was asking if I thought Obama would get re-elected. I restated the question, and he shook his head yes. Then I said, “Maybe – but maybe not.”

He laughed, clearing liking the “maybe not” part of my response.

I then asked if he liked Obama. Without missing a beat, he shook his head and said, “No!”

I told him I agreed with him.

Poor Barack. Just as he thinks he has a lock on the liberal Democrat vote and the vote of every single black or mixed-black in this country, he also thinks he has the Spanish speaking population in this country in his back pocket. But if this fellow is any indication – and I believe he is – the young guy in the White House had better start packing.

Aside from the political implications for Obama, I’m still fascinated by the thought of the workman who asked me the political question. I know nothing about him, but he is clearly not from this country, speaks only the rudimentary bit of English and yet, of all the things he might have asked me, he asked about Obama and the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

He knows what he likes, and it isn’t the guy in the White House.

What makes this more fascinating is that there is the very real possibility that the man isn’t a U.S. citizen. No doubt, things being what they are in California, there’s a pretty good chance he isn’t even legal.

Of course, you could also ask the question: Does he vote in our elections? I didn’t ask and, again, given things in California, there is the very real possibility that he does vote – whether or not he is legally entitled to do so.

Given what is going on in this country, it is this cohort of voters that Obama is counting on, as is every Democrat with a name on any ballot.

They’re opposed to requiring voters to present photo ID to vote and to my way of thinking, there can only be one reason for that: They don’t care if the voters are legally in this country or if they are indeed citizens. They just want the vote, and legality be damned.

It’s shameful that elected representatives of the people, who are sworn to uphold the Constitution – of the country or of their state – would so easily sell out to be elected to office, any office. It all boils down to accumulating power. By pandering to nationality groups, they believe they will get the votes, get the job and get the power of the office. It’s a heady trip.

It’s a trip Obama has been on since he first threw his hat into the presidential ring. He got the power, and he relishes it. He is determined to keep it.

You name it, he panders. Black. Yes. Gays. Yes. Women. Yes. Muslims. Militant Hispanics Yes. Young people. Yes. Unions. Yes. Immigrants, legal or not. Yes.

But despite all that time and effort, and despite the fact Obama thinks his catering to militant Hispanics will assure him the whole, Spanish-speaking enchilada on Election Day – the truth is, the man who is president can’t even be assured his divide and conquer strategy is working.

He promises whatever the militants want. He argues against the common sense of a nation having secure borders. He ignores the welfare and safety of American citizens living along the border. He uses the power of the Justice Department to bring legal action against states that take steps to protect themselves from the encroachment of illegal aliens in their jurisdiction.

He spouts the rhetoric of “equality” but avoids it at every turn.

I suspect Obama forgets that just because people don’t speak English, it does not mean they’re stupid.

Just as my Spanish-speaking workman sees through Obama, he’s not alone. Not only is the Hispanic “vote” in jeopardy, so is the black vote, the independent vote, the youth vote and even the retiree vote.

Obama was elected by creating an image. The problem? Now we realize there’s nothing there.

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