For just a few minutes, clear your mind of the endless political analysis and intrigue that fill the news media, talk radio and Internet. Let it all go, and take a deep breath.

Now, let’s consider together the extraordinary spectacle we see unfolding before our eyes in America today.

Sarah Palin, who just announced she will not run for the presidency in 2012, is a good place to start. Consider the following Twitter comments made by young Americans earlier this year about the former Alaska governor:

  • “Join us in praying to God that Sarah Palin contracts cancer and dies.”
  • “My hatred for Sarah Palin continues to grow. I think this woman should be assassinated.”
  • “I hope Sarah Palin dies a slow and painful death.”
  • “I hope she dies gnashing her teeth.”
  • “Sarah Palin is the single most dangerous threat to the future of the human race. Thick venomous cretin she is. Someone bloody shoot her.”

These are only five out of dozens of similar Twitter messages, all equally horrendous, all calling for a torturous death for Sarah Palin. They came after a deranged man named Jared Loughner tried to assassinate Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in downtown Tucson – and many people, for some utterly incomprehensible reason, decided to blame Palin.

The irrational hatred toward Sarah Palin cannot be explained in the usual terms of politics and ideology. The traditional divide of “liberal versus conservative” or “Democrat versus Republican” cannot explain such dark, almost other-worldly expressions as “I hope she dies gnashing her teeth” or death threats against the Palins’ children.

As we all know, ever since John McCain chose Palin as his VP running mate three years ago, the left – including the entire elite media – have been pathologically obsessed with her. During the 2008 presidential campaign, the big media couldn’t be bothered to investigate Barack Obama, whose background was chock full of Marxists, terrorists, pornographers, criminals and rabid anti-American racists. Nothing of interest there. But they sent platoons of journalists to Wasilla, Alaska, dumpster-diving for dirt on Palin – including, for example, their investigation into who paid for the tanning bed she had installed in the governor’s mansion. (She did.)

Since then, there have been continual attacks and dirt-hunting, more recently with both the Washington Post and New York Times begging readers to join in the witch hunt to help find something incriminating in 24,000 recently released Palin emails. Once again, they found nothing of consequence.

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