Just days after arguments over the controversial Gardasil vaccine returned to the nationwide headlines because of the GOP presidential debates, a new report suggests that the documented side effects including rheumatoid arthritis could be the result of contamination in the vaccine.

The report comes from InvestigateHers magazine, a New Zealand publication, which cited the work of a number of analysts and doctors on the topic of the Merck company product’s side effects.

While officials in the United States say there have been only 0.05 percent of individuals who were vaccinated who have reported some kind of side effect, the actual number of those impacted is around 18,000.

There have been several dozen deaths attributed to the vaccine for a disease that is transmitted through sexual activity. Fans of the vaccine say it guards against the Human Papilloma Virus, which they believe is a precursor to cervical cancer.

‘SCARY MEDICINE: Exposing the dark side of vaccines’

The InvestigateHers report cited blood tests from a 13-year-old in Toronto who was given the vaccine and suffered rheumatoid arthritis in multiple joints, and her subsequent treatment for the complications.

“Two years later, Sydney’s treating physician ordered an HPV DNA PCR blood test, Genomic DNA extracted was found to be positive for HPV DNA,” the report said.

But that was supposed to be impossible since officials said the vaccine did not contain HPV DNA, according to the report written by Garrick Cornelius.

Then a testing company, S.A.N.E.VAX, Inc., got samples of Gardasil vaccine with different lot numbers from the U.S. France, Spain, Poland, Australia and New Zealand and tests conducted by Dr. Sin Hang Lee revealed “all the vaccines to contain HPV DNA” of either 11 or 18 HPV types, or both.

The results were not conclusive, however, because “there is no published method available for the detecting and geno-typing of HPV DNA in protein-based vaccines.” Further, the testing developed by Lee was more advanced than other testing, making a “peer review” check unavailable.

The report, however, noted that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had in July of 2011 promised the development of new procedures to “try to identify specific biological process that reflect virus activity, so that FDA scientists can determine if a vaccine substrate is safe to make vaccines on.”

“Because there is no published or authorized impurity test to check Gardasil at the end point, it would appear that neither the FDA nor Merck have any idea that their purification technique to remove the HPV 11 and 18 DNA from the capsids after they are grown on the yeast, has failed,” the report explained.

“In Sydney’s case, acute juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed with medical tests, and HPV DNA was found in her blood. Did the immune reaction to the recombinant HPV DNA result in an inflammatory response which produced rheumatoid arthritis?” the report said.

The report said documents regarding Gardasil’s approval for use in New Zealand contend that “Gardasil is not a live virus vaccine and contains no DNA.” The documentation further explains, “There are no live viruses and no cell lines of human or animal origin used in the manufacture of this vaccine.”

But the report suggested that more investigation needs to be done to determine whether the aluminium particles in the vaccine are trackable to any disorders, autoimmunity and chronic inflammation, and whether that is linked to rheumatoid arthritis.

Further, what about the presence of HPV DNA in the vaccine, and does that have any link to autoimmune complications, it asks. Also, are any of the conditions or contents triggers for neurodegenerative disease?

“Given that Gardasil, like other vaccines, is processed by dendritic cells in the body, what else could be the response to HPV DNA bound to aluminium, taken up by these leukocytes? Leukemia?” the report considered.

“In the light of their own admission that their current technology leaves a lot to be desired, some vaccine researchers believe it’s time for the FDA, and all regulatory authorities worldwide, to carefully study the data put together by S.AS.N.E.VAX, and to use appropriate technology to analyze the Gardasil vaccine thoroughly,” the report said.

“Meanwhile, strange things continue to happen to young girls who were given Gardasil or the other cervical cancer vaccine, Cervarix,” the report said.

Dr. Judith Reisman, in residence at Liberty University and the author of multiple books on the issue of sexuality, told WND that STD vaccines are simply “assaults on our humanity, especially that of youth.

“All STD vaccines are grounded in an anti-Judeo-Christian, Kinseyan worldview that claims lust as a driving force that must be accommodated from infancy to old age…”

“This fraud opens the door to unconscionable greed and state tyranny to ‘protect’ children and keep them ‘healthy’ while inundating them with promiscuity messages from womb to tomb, school to screen,” she said.

“International Planned Parenthood, UNESCO and now schools worldwide have been forcing sexual promiscuity on children for at least five decades,” she said.

Officials with Merck did not respond to WND’s request for comment on the New Zealand report.

But the dispute over the vaccine that addresses the sexually transmitted virus, and believed by some to be a precursor to cervical cancer, moved back into the headlines only recently when Rep. Michele Bachmann tasked Texas Gov. Rick Perry during a GOP presidential debate with authoring an order to vaccinate school girls.

Then also came a report about an Austrian physician who studied the drug and concluded it not only is dangerous, but useless in reducing cervical cancer.

Dr. Christian Fiala, who successfully fought the use of the drug in Austria, told WND “there is no proof of a causal relationship of HPV and cervical cancer (correlation is not necessarily causation) and there is no evidence that HPV vaccine reduces the overall number of cervical cancer (cases).”

In an email, Fiala called the HPV vaccination plan “a money-making machine without any benefit for patients. But some inherent risks.”

Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons also told WND that she battled Perry’s plan in 2007 and 2008 to inoculate school girls.

“Our position was that this was a violation of parental rights and patients’ rights, to mandate a vaccine without a really good public health reason,” she said.

She pointed out that the HPV virus is spread only by sexual contact and not in routine school situations. And she said there were a lot of questions about the brand new drug, among them the direct link between the HPV vaccine and any side effects.

“It tends to worry me quite a lot if I give a shot and [a patient] drops dead,” she said.

“It should be that the patient is the one to make the determination [to get vaccinated]; the state should not be demanding that little girls be subjected to this.”

She told WND that it was good for the issue to be raised at the level of a presidential race, because the public needs to debate and decide such issues.

According to reports in the United States, some of the other complications for young girls have been Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Bell’s Palsy.

At the What Doctors Don’t Tell You blog, a campaign called Truth About Gardasil was highlighted.

“What they are not telling you is that thousands of girls are having adverse reactions to the HPV vaccines, some have even died – at last count, at least 103 lives have been lost. We have got to do something about this. These girls need our help! These girls are having reactions such as; seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, vomiting, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles, pelvic pain, nerve pain, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them!”

The government figures do not support the figure of 103 deaths, but anecdotally do confirm:

  • The case of a 19-year-old woman who was given Gardasil and reported, “Headache, nausea, dizziness, chilling, tiredness, shortness of breath, complained of chest pain, severe cramps.” She died of “acute cardiac arrhythmia.”

  • A 13-year-old girl was vaccinated and, 10 days later, developed fever. According to federal reports she “did not recover and was admitted to the hospital. … She developed dyspnoea and went into a coma … she expired [that day].”
  • And a 10-year-old developed “progressive loss of strength in lower and upper extremities almost totally … nerve conduction studies [showed Guillain-Barre syndrome].” The case was considered “immediately life-threatening.”

Those reports have been monitored over the years by Judicial Watch, a Washington watchdog corruption fighter, since the drug’s approval by the Food and Drug Administration 

“To say Gardasil has a suspect safety record is a big understatement. These reports are troubling and show that the FDA and other public-health authorities may be asleep at the switch,” Tom Fitton, president of the organization, told WND when the death and injury reports were arriving.

Judicial Watch launched a comprehensive investigation of Gardasil’s safety record in 2008 after the drug’s manufacturer, Merck & Co., began a major effort to lobby in state legislatures to impose requirements that girls be given their product.

It was in 2008 when Judicial Watch obtained documents from the FDA documenting “anaphylactic shock,” “foaming at mouth,” “grand mal convulsion,” “coma” and “now paralyzed” descriptions of the complications from Gardasil. The company wanted it to be mandatory for all schoolgirls.

The federal reports document some three dozen deaths in the United States, although an activist organization claims there have been almost 70 deaths, nearly 800 “serious” reactions and thousands of minor reactions.

Merck spokeswoman Jennifer Allen Woodruff earlier told WND that the drug addresses a medical need, that of reducing the rates of HPV.

She said it has been approved widely around the world, with 120 countries having examined and approved its use.

“Nothing is more important to Merck than the safety of our vaccines and those who use them,” she said. “The facts about Gardasil are clear and its efficacy and safety … were established.”

She declined to say that Merck had not lobbied state lawmakers for laws that would force the vaccine on children and families, instead offering that the company focused on lobbying efforts regarding the “potential school requirements” in some states.

She said the company’s goal was simply to provide information to those who made such decisions.

However, the vaccine has had a few bumps. Agence France-Presse reported in 2009 that Spanish authorities withdrew tens of thousands of doses of the vaccine when two teen girls were hospitalized.

In the United Kingdom, an investigation was launched after two young girls died following their injections of the drug.

And the Daily News and Analysis from India said the Indian Council of Medical Research suspended a cervical cancer control vaccination program for girls after four deaths and complications for 120 more.

The Truth about Gardasil has launched a video called One More Girl that publicizes “questions” about Gardasil’s safety.

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