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Hyatt quislings cave to Islamic supremacists

Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy. Under the Shariah, criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslims countries living under the Shariah). This is the death of free speech in the continuing Islamization of America, as I saw vividly Tuesday night when I spoke in Houston, Texas. But free people and free speech ultimately prevailed, despite the best efforts of Islamic supremacists to crush them. Hyatt’s cancellation of a tea-party event at which I was to speak, and the reaction of freedom lovers to it, best illustrates why I wrote my book “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance”: to show what Islamic supremacists are doing in America today, and how we must fight back.

I was scheduled to speak Tuesday evening for the Sugar Land Tea Party at the Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land. But Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) thugs intimidated the hotel where the event was scheduled to take place into canceling the event altogether. Giving Tea Party organizers little time to find a new venue, the Hyatt Place in Sugar Land caved to Islamic pressure and agreed to enforce the blasphemy law under the Shariah.

The cowards and dhimmis at Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land received a couple of threatening calls, and they surrendered to Islamic supremacists without even firing a shot. Hyatt spokesman Jamie Zimmerman said: “Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land respects the various opinions expressed by our guests and visitors. In this particular situation, the changing security needs required for the safety of our guests and others on the hotel property and to avoid business disruption prompted us to ask the organizers to move it to an alternate location. We are pleased that the organizers were able to identify a venue better equipped to provide services to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved with the event.”

But the Hyatt doesn’t really respect “various opinions” at all. Mind you, where does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stay and entertain his murderous comrades when he comes to New York? The Hyatt. And remember also that billionaire Penny Pritzker owns the Hyatt, and was also the national finance chair for Barack Obama when he ran for president in 2008.

The quisling cowards at the Hyatt Place Sugar Land caved to intimidation, but that didn’t stop freedom lovers from coming to hear me speak. The event was held at the Sugar Land Community Center, and the house was packed. Hundreds came out to hear what the Shariah forbids: the truth. It was an amazing evening. I was struck by the number of apostates (former Muslims) in the house. Gd bless Texas!

Still, there was a small group of anti-Geller Islamic supremacist protesters outside the venue. And who was leading them? Farha Ahmed, the lawyer for chemical weapons jihadist Lady al-Qaida. Ahmed is trying to infiltrate the Republican Party by running for office. She ran for Sugar Land City Council District 4 but was defeated, thanks to great Americans who alerted Texans to the subversive politician in their midst. Ahmed lied about her involvement in the Lady al-Qaida case. Ahmed lost despite help from the craven quisling government officials like the local district attorney and others, who wrote glowing letters to their constituents endorsing her, and despite the fact that her terror links and alliances were scrubbed from the web.

But remember, the enemy never sleeps and never quits. So she will be back. She protested free speech under the sign, “Republicans Hate Bigotry,” but wouldn’t let anyone photograph her with the sign. Stealth, baby, stealth.

Inside, meanwhile, I called upon freedom lovers to boycott the Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land and all Hyatt hotels. I will never stay at a Hyatt Place again. Ever. And people are waking up to the magnitude of what is going on. Bill Moore, the Sugar Land Tea Party president, said: “I think she’s telling the truth. I think we’re seeing this more and more in America, our freedom of speech being oppressed.”

But the Hyatt discovered that freedom lovers would not give up easily. Hundreds and hundreds of emails and phone calls were made to the Hyatt cowards, and they made a difference. The craven quislings at the Hyatt Sugar Land made national news, and even got noticed across the pond. Yes, the story hit Fleet Street. The Daily Mail in the U.K. covered the cancellation of Sugar Land Tea party event.

Most of the stories tried to make the Hyatt look good. Yet it was interesting to note in the various news reports how the Hyatt gave different explanations to various media outlets for the reason behind the cancellation. It was entertaining to watch these worms squirm. And you’ll note the media’s obsession with calling me anti-Islam or anti-Muslim, when I am counter-jihad and have always described my work as such. The mainstream media cannot bring itself to use this term. Why not? Are they pro-jihad? The media go out of their way to whitewash the horrors of the Shariah, while painting anyone who exposes it as the problem. Perhaps because they know that they have nothing to fear from us and everything to fear from jihadists.

Nonetheless, the Hyatt will think twice before they pull this anti-American Shariah stunt again. G-d bless everyone who wrote to or called the Hyatt. This is exactly the kind of actions I describe in my book “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.”

As for the event, it was overwhelming to join hundreds of proud patriots seeking education and strategy in defense of our cherished freedoms. Because of the controversy sparked by Islamic supremacists and their useful idiots on the left, there was a large police presence there. I was profoundly moved when, after I spoke, every police officer wanted a copy of my book (signed) and thanked me profusely for the work I was doing. How incredible that was.

So many know so little – this is the priority. The last thing the enemy wants is an informed public. That is the key.