By Michael F. Haverluck

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is considered by many to be the boldest voice in America, but when it comes to the intimidation that emanates from the homosexual agenda, Michael L. Brown, nationally syndicated talk radio host of “The Line of Fire,” said even the conservative icon hesitated before giving his audience the truth.

The issue of the implications behind the case against the alleged man-on-child attacks by an assistant football coach at Penn State came up on Nov. 8. The man behind the golden microphone of the EIB Network said, “I don’t have the guts to bring it up.”

He did, though, a little later.

Brown told WND that it’s the intimidation that broadcasters and others fear in considering whether to talk about the issue that’s the biggest concern coming out of the case of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, even though the allegations reveal what apparently is a tragic situation for a number of victims.

“I actually don’t think that the homosexual dimensions of the alleged pedophile are the big part of the story,” Brown explained. “Rather, it’s the fear of addressing this issue that’s the big story to me.”

On Limbaugh’s Nov. 8 program, he said, “You know, if I really wanted to retire today I could answer you in a way that would end my career. Well, of course I’m therefore not gonna say it. … There is a part of this story ‒ it’s glaring; it’s right in front of everybody ‒ and nobody’s got the guts to say it. Nobody, including me. I don’t have the guts to bring it up. Nobody does.”

A caller asked, “What’s that?”

Limbaugh said, “Nobody has the guts to actually give the explanation for what was going on and why there was trepidation in reporting it, and that’s all I’ll say. If you can figure it out on your own, fine and dandy.”

Brown said he’s seen many shy away from the topic of homosexual behavior over the years to save their careers, and Limbaugh’s statements concerned him.

“I can’t see Rush Limbaugh backing down from anything, and it’s difficult for me to imagine that anyone or anything could silence him,” Brown told WND. “It would be a huge disappointment, not that I look to him to be a religious or moral leader, but I do expect him to speak his mind, regardless of the cost or consequence.”

Some days later, Limbaugh hit the issue head-on.

In his Nov. 18 program, he plunged in.

“I think that the thing you said [on the Nov. 8 show] everybody is afraid to mention is that we’re always told that homosexuals are not pedophiles. … Is that what you had in mind?” asked a caller.

“Not pedophiles, but I do think it’s the elephant in the room that it’s not called a homosexual problem or scandal or what have you, and the reason, there is a very powerful political gay movement, and it’s oriented towards supporting the Democrat Party,” Limbaugh said.

“Just like in every segment of society, not every gay person is a predator, just like not every man is a predator like the feminists tried to say. Every group of people has its own bad actors. But because the political aspects [of] homosexuality, which they’ve got a very powerful lobby and they’re liberal and they support the Democrat Party, they succeed in stifling conversation about it. And so you don’t dare mention it. People don’t mention it. It’s like not showing cartoons of Muslims. You just don’t go there because they wreak havoc on you, and it’s the path of least resistance.”

He continued, “But, yeah, it’s not so much pedophilia, although that’s what this is, it’s Sandusky has to be a gay guy. Nobody’s mentioning that aspect because it’s too dangerous. And the reason why is because of the power of the gay lobby, which is very leftist. But I don’t want to be misunderstood. Sandusky does not represent all of homosexuality, just like the priests in the Catholic church don’t represent all of homosexuality, just like the aberrant criminals in heterosexual society don’t represent all heterosexuals, but because the gay lobby is very powerful, people don’t go there, people don’t address it, they don’t talk about it, and as such an element of the problem never gets dealt with.”

Another commentator who has tackled the issue directly is Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WND:

We may not fully understand the details of what Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky did or didn’t do to young boys in locker rooms and showers, though he does admit inappropriate behavior. But the real question is how he did it for so long without consequences.

But now that being accused of homophobia is considered an offense, while practicing homosexuality is considered a virtue, should it really surprise anyone that such behavior would go unreported or unchallenged for so long?” he continued. “In an age when government schools are actually teaching children how to perform homosexual acts and that there is nothing wrong with them, it would seem that an environment conducive for predators of children is being created under the watchful eye of the state and the media.

Remember also that Penn State is a public university. There is probably no institution more conscious of the new ‘sin’ of homophobia than the American college campus. There are few imaginable offenses more grievous than homophobia in that environment. One pays a price for exhibiting any symptoms of this dread disease – especially in academia.

In fact, Penn State dismissed one of its athletic coaches long before it dismissed Sandusky and Joe Paterno for just such an offense,” he wrote. “So now we all scratch our heads and wonder how this scandal at Penn State happened – and how it lasted so long.”

The answer is right in front of our faces – but nobody wants to state it. … The more our society condones and glorifies aberrant sexual behavior, the more of it we will see. Period. End of story.

I know many people don’t want to hear this. There is a big price to pay stating it this simply. But you don’t change what has been sinful behavior into appropriate behavior with a wave of a magic wand. You don’t change the morals of a nation through judicial activism. You don’t use the heavy hand of government to create new moral codes without very severe consequences. You don’t allow social engineers to get their way through bullying tactics and coercion.

Brown said the fact that Limbaugh is speaking his mind could bring repercussions.

“Yes, I believe that even the mighty Rush Limbaugh could take a major hit if he began to address issues of homosexual activism in our society, of gender madness, of the threat to religious freedoms, of the indoctrination of our children,” Brown replied. “There’s a reason that some of the loudest voices in the nation are silent on this, as Dr. Laura learned a decade ago.”

He was referring to conservative talk show host Laura Schlessinger’s fast fall from radio for addressing homosexual behavior.

“Homosexual activists stopped her TV show from ever getting off the ground, and they hurt her radio show, too,” Brown pointed out. “We dare not underestimate the power of the homosexual activist lobby. In fact, President Obama was the keynote speaker at the annual DC fundraising dinner for the Human Rights Campaign this year (this is the world’s largest homosexual activist organization).”

Just what kind of war is the agenda capable of waging?

“This is what was done to Dr. Laura, straight from the website: ‘The year-long campaign against Dr. Laura ‒ coordinated via this website and all done on an $18,000 budget, most of it raised from the online sale of T-shirts ‒ so exposed Dr. Laura’s anti-gay rhetoric to the world, that she could not even sneeze without the major national media, and thousands of individual activists like yourselves, watching, recording her every word, and pouncing when action was needed,'” Brown quoted. ‘”As a result of the 50-plus million hits this pro bono site received in just 10 months, and the 300,000 visitors per month that we continued to get throughout the campaign, protests were organized in 34 cities across the country and Canada, over 170 advertisers dropped Dr. Laura’s TV show (including some 70 or so advertisers that Canadian activists got to drop her in that country alone!), and over 30 advertisers dropped her radio show, reportedly costing her over $30 million in advertising.'”

Who else gave in to the demands of the agenda? Brown said Microsoft, Apple and Starbucks also succumbed to pressure from homosexual activists who demanded that they relinquish any ties with conservative or religious organizations.

Brown himself is no stranger to backlashes from homosexual advocates.

“I experienced the exact same opposition when it came to publishing my book [“A Queer Thing Happened to America”], which is why we had to launch our own publishing company, EqualTime Books, even though I’m the successful author of 20 books with more than a half-million books in print [by other publishers],” Brown shared.

He said when he tried to enlist a publisher, these were some of the responses:

  • From a conservative pundit: “Book publishing is a difficult business now, and no media is willing to promote a book that opposes homosexuality … Economic self-interest is going to make it very tough for a publisher to say yes.”

  • From a conservative publisher: “There would be a very concrete, though difficult to measure, financial penalty to pay for publishing this book … Practically speaking it could actually destroy the firm…”
  • From a bestselling conservative author: “Honestly, there is no NY publisher … who will touch this manuscript.”

He discussed the situation on a show, too:

Brown said the homosexual intolerance is experienced inside and outside of campus gates:

I have done debates or held lectures followed by debate at Oxford University, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, at Ohio State, USC, Yale, and Columbia, and other schools, yet when it came to debating issues relating to ‘A Queer Thing Happened to America,’ campuses would not open to us and Christian groups on campus wouldn’t even sponsor the debates,” Brown said. “We ran into this in several states. When we were finally able to hold a debate with a philosophy professor hosted at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla., there were attempts to shut it down by gay campus leaders, and it ended up calling for a decision involving 10 people from the university, including several vice presidents, department heads, and even the university police. In the end, they only allowed the debate if we paid for four armed policemen to be present! And the debate was simply on the subject: Same-Sex Marriage: Should It Be Legal? That’s why I named my book speaking tour ‘The Campaign for Religious Tolerance and Intellectual Diversity.’ I remain determined to expose the extreme intolerance, exclusivity and bigotry among homosexual activists.

And Brown sends the reminder that this kind of pressure exists in the political sphere, as well, especially with the upcoming presidential election.

“A number of the current GOP candidates have taken definite stands against the redefinition of marriage and made clear their differences with the goals of homosexual activism, including Santorum, Bachmann and Perry, among others,” Brown commented. “And as much as the mainstream media vilifies them for doing it, I believe that they have the strong support of tens of millions of Americans. The question is whether they would be able to hold their ground without compromise if elected as the GOP candidate or even president.”

Brown said “whether [homosexual activists] keep fighting for the reduction (or repeal) of the age of consent, and whether they continue to push school curriculum which sexualizes our children,” their agenda will become the status quo if people don’t have the courage to speak out.

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