In the most recent GOP presidential debate, former Sen. Rick Santorum raised controversy by suggesting it is perfectly appropriate and sensible to consider what kind of people hijack airliners and commit acts of terrorism.

Not only do I – an Arab-American male – agree on the importance of considering the ideological and religious worldview of those being screened for sensitive security jobs and for passenger flights for the safety of all, but I would go much further.

I say it’s time to strictly limit Muslim immigration into the United States to avoid the kinds of disasters we’re seeing in Europe.

Having said this, I can anticipate the hysterical reactions from the phony civil libertarians who consistently act against America’s best interests and vital national security concerns.


“Isn’t that religious bigotry and intolerance?” they will say. “Isn’t America supposed to be religiously blind and welcome one and all to our shores?”

No, plain and simple. That’s their blueprint for America’s destruction, not mine. America doesn’t owe anyone – no foreigner anywhere – an engraved invitation to be part of our national covenant and community. We’ve been far too lax in allowing anyone and everyone who flouts the rules entry to this country. That has to stop immediately. The very next step we need to take is to determine what kind of people will help our nation stay true to its Constitution and other founding principles – and what kind of people will not.

It seems obvious to me that anyone who subscribes to Saudi-style Shariah law, as described in the Islamic Quran and Hadith, would not be inclined to swear allegiance to the Constitution – at least not without crossing his fingers taqiyya-style.

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America’s No. 1 national objective should be to ensure that we as a nation remain committed to the Constitution. I think most Americans would agree with me that only those would-be immigrants who are truly committed to preserving the rule of law should be welcomed here. We should not consider bringing in foreigners who seek to transform America into France or England or Iran. America remains a unique, though faltering, experiment in self-government because of its Judeo-Christian heritage. And, if we ever forget that and treat all other belief systems as equal to the worldview of Judaism and Christianity, the America we have known for 235 years will cease to exist.

But we need to do more than just require immigrants seeking entry to the U.S. as visitors or citizens to swear allegiance to our Constitution. We need to put the burden of proof on Muslims to demonstrate their desire to leave the world of Shariah behind them, to renounce its principles as well as to take a formal oath to uphold and affirm America’s national covenant.

Furthermore, we need strict national quotas on immigration by Muslims – even those willing to renounce Shariah and swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution.


Because there are 1 billion Muslims in the world, most of whom simply do not share our Judeo-Christian worldview – the one that separated us from the rest of the nations and made America special and great.

Already, with only a few million Muslims living in America, they are having a disproportionate impact on our culture. Let me give you one example: There are still more Jews in America than Muslims, though the gap is narrowing quickly. Yet, Jews do not use their influence to ensure that Jews and non-Jews alike are forced to eat according to rabbinical kosher rules. However, it is increasingly difficult for non-Muslims in America today to buy a Thanksgiving turkey that has not been ritually sacrificed to Allah. Most of the meat sold in Costco is also halal.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to eat meat sacrificed to Allah. With Islam a tiny minority religion in the U.S., it seems perverse that people like me have to be careful not to eat food ritually sacrificed to this god of the few.

But this is the nature of Islam.

I say this as the grandson of refugees from the Muslim world.

It is a religion of coercion, a religion of force, a religion of might makes right.

Look around the world and find a Muslim country that is free. Take your time. You will need it. There simply is no such country – and for good reason. The Islamic faith does not countenance liberty for all. It’s not an ideal of the religion – as it is in Judaism and Christianity.

There are no doubt conscientious Muslims who deplore the institution of Shariah and would prefer to live in a constitutional republic like America instead of Saudi Arabia. But, again, as Americans we have no obligation to welcome anyone to these shores unless they meet our needs and specifications.

So let’s have the national debate about who is welcome and who is not. Everyone we allow into the U.S. should be expected to make this country better, not weaken it, not undermine it, not challenge its precepts. Let’s be honest about that. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, as we can see from precedents in Europe, it is quite simply going to be a matter of national security and national survival to set the parameters for immigration into this country.

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