WASHNGTON – Since the start of the Iraq war, Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the weekly online intelligence newsletter, has been bringing subscribers facts and insight they can’t get anywhere else.

But now this resource for law-enforcement professionals, national security experts, intelligence analysts and anyone who needs a leg up on what’s really going on in the world’s hotspots, brings some new talent to ensure it is always on the cutting edge.

G2 Bulletin has broken some of the biggest scoops of the last decade. It’s available to anyone for the low subscription price of just $99 a year or $9.95 per month.

What kind of reporting team does it take to make that worth your while?

WND senior staff writer Michael Maloof, a former senior security-policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense with almost 30 years of federal service in the U.S. Defense Department and as a specialized trainer for border guards and Special Forces in select countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia, files reports several times a week utilizing his worldwide sources developed throughout his distinguished careers in journalism and national security.

In between working at the U.S. Senate and the Defense Department, Maloof was a special correspondent for the Detroit News, a reporter for a specialized newsletter at U.S. News & World Report and Washington correspondent for the Union Leader in Manchester, N.H.

While with the Department of Defense, Maloof was director of Technology Security Operations as head of a 10-person team involved in halting the diversion of militarily critical technologies to countries of national security and proliferation concern and those involved in sponsoring terrorism. His office was the liaison to the intelligence and enforcement community in halting diversions and using cases that developed from them as early warnings to decision-makers of potential policy issues.

He is a recipient of the Defense Department’s Distinguished Civilian Service Award.
Due to his specialized background, Maloof was assigned under a congressionally mandated Defense Department-U.S. Customs non-proliferation program to provide specialized training in combat tracking to border guards in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to deal with the increasing influx of terrorists into those countries. He also provided advanced firearms training to Spetznaz, or Special Forces, of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Georgia. Maloof also has provided combat tracking training to U.S. Marines and has a background in executive protection, intermediate and advanced evasive and defensive driving, basic and advanced route analysis, surveillance detection and attack recognition, as well as off-road driving.

Following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Maloof was detailed back to the Office of the Secretary of Defense to prepare analysis of worldwide terrorist networks, determine their linkages worldwide and their relationship to state sponsors.

Prior to his career at the Defense Department, Maloof was a legislative assistant to various U.S. senators specializing in national security and international affairs.

“There are very few people in the world as qualified as Michael Maloof to provide insightful intelligence reports and analysis to the American public,” says Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of the news agency. “Since joining the WND and G2 Bulletin teams, he has greatly bolstered our national security and international affairs reporting. The assets he brings to G2 Bulletin are more than worth the low subscription price for those who need more than the superficial news reports about what’s happening in our world.”

But there’s much more to the new G2 Bulletin than Maloof’s reporting:

  • Farah himself is a former Middle East correspondent and investigative reporter with sources around the world.

  • Steve Elwart spent 40 years in the oil industry, covering the areas of exploration and production and refining. In those 40 years Steve has had the opportunity to work not only in private industry, but also as a consultant with numerous government agencies as an expert on energy, automation, and cybersecurity. He now serves as a senior analyst for the Koinonia Institute.
  • Joseph A. Arminio was awarded his doctorate from MIT in political science with concentrations in international relations and national defense policy. He is the former chairman of the National Coalition for Defense.

In addition, G2 Bulletin utilizes information from other WND senior staff writers including, among others, Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein and Jerome Corsi.

“G2 Bulletin is not for everyone,” says Farah. “It’s for those curious enough about world developments to get beyond the headline news – people who recognize we live in an unstable world of constantly shifting sands. If you are a professional law enforcement officer, a government analyst, an activist on foreign and national security issues, a business person with foreign interests or just a curious American who realizes, like it or not, the U.S. is no longer an island apart from the rest of the world, I urge you to give G2 Bulletin a try.”

Subscribe to G2 Bulletin now for $99 a year or $9.95 per month (cancelable any time if G2 Bulletin does not meet your expectations in any way).

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