Apparently, it’s an untouchable question.

That’s on the subject of Iran and nuclear weapons.

Barack Obama’s White House press secretary, Jay Carney, today declined to recognize a reporter who wanted the president’s perspective.

Les Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House and the second-most senior reporter on the White House beat, had come to today’s daily news briefing with two questions.

While ABC was allowed six questions, Fox News five and Reuters, CNN, CBS Radio and AP three each, Kinsolving was not allowed to ask any questions.

He had wanted to ask: “The International Atomic Energy Agency has warned that Iran has reached the final stages before putting nuclear weapons into missiles. What is the president’s reaction?”

He also wanted to know, “What is the president’s reaction to reports that Israel has been practicing long range air strikes and holding large scale civil defense exercises?”

According to the Washington Post, intelligence reports show Iran has accomplished the “critical steps” that are necessary to building a nuclear weapon, after obtaining help from foreign scientists.

The report said records show former Soviet weapons scientists tutored Iranians on how to assemble detonators needed for a nuclear chain reaction. Pakistan and North Korea also helped with expertise in technology, the report said.

Ask President Obama your own question.

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