“PolitiChicks” on the Obama birth certificate

Four politically active women – former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson, pro-life speaker and activist Jannique Stewart, editor and activist Jennie Jones and columnist Ann-Marie Murrell – say the Obama birth certificate likely is a fake, and they are alarmed that Americans are not more disturbed by that possibility.

Members of PolitiChicks join a long list of experts, celebrities and leaders, including Donald Trump, Michael Savage and Pat Boone, who have expressed concern about the possibility that Obama isn’t qualified under the Constitution’s requirements for a president and wonder what could happen to the U.S. should that be recognized generally.

Their short program on the issue, posted on YouTube, gives them an open door to express their concerns.

Get the inside details on what could be the most serious constitutional crisis in modern history, in “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President.”

Jackson, the “SNL” veteran, put her worries to a tune: “Yes, I’m a birther, and I’m really, really proud. Yes. I’m a birther, why aren’t I allowed – to ask intelligent questions and find out what is true? Yes, I’m a birther. Don’t you want to be one too?”

The show:

Stewart wondered openly why the issue is important, and the others explained that without constitutional legitimacy, there would be a question about whether any of his White House actions would be valid.


Jackson, a popular speaker for tea party rallies nationwide, said the bottom line is that there is an appearance of lying and false identities on the part of Obama.

“He’s not an American. I don’t care about a piece of paper. He’s not an American, because he doesn’t have American values,” she said.

They wondered about the evidence from numerous experts that challenges Obama’s Social Security number, his “birth certificate” and other issues.

“It’s like 1984 George Orwell. They’re rewriting history,” Jackson said.

Murrell pointed out that there are other major issues facing the nation, such as a collapsed economy and a failure of the Obama administration to stimulate job growth.

The image that was released by Obama in April and described by the White House as “proof positive” of Obama’s Hawaiian birth:

Image released by the White House April 27, 2011

The document raised further questions, however, because two weeks before its release, Hawaii’s former Health Department chief Chiyome Fukino – the one official who claimed to have examined Obama’s original birth document – told NBC News’ national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff that it was “half typed and half handwritten.”

But the document released by the White House was entirely typed. Only the signatures and two dates at the very bottom were “handwritten.” What Fukino described is apparently not the same document Obama released to the public.

The dispute over Obama’s eligibility dates back to before his 2008 election, and there have been numerous lawsuits and other challenges to his occupancy of the White House. Some challengers don’t believe he was born in the U.S., which realistically could be viewed as making him ineligible for the presidency under the Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen.”

There also are those who say his place of birth doesn’t matter, as his father was a Kenyan national subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at his birth. They say the idea of a “natural born citizen,” which is undefined in the Constitution, likely was considered by the Founding Fathers to be the offspring of two citizens.

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