Greetings, friends!

Welcome to the funniest stories of 2011. I hope you enjoy this one, because on the extremely remote chance the Mayans just happen to be correct with their calendar, then we may not have another edition at the end of 2012. So let’s get right to it.

If you wonder why America’s in trouble these days, maybe it’s because so many people are asleep at the switch.

Case in point: Harry Belafonte, the American singer who grew up in Jamaica and became world famous for his “Banana Boat Song.”

Harry has since become a left-wing activist, and during what was supposed to be a live news interview with a CBS affiliate, Belafonte just didn’t realize it was already Day-O. See for yourself here:

Maybe it was all that “work all night on a drink of rum.” But apparently, daylight come and he wanna go home and snooze.

Furred Reich

It was truly a wild kingdom this year when it came to the world of animals.

For instance, anyone who has ever had to chase down a pet knows what a pain it can be. Now just imagine your dog getting loose in a park, and sparking a stampede of deer.

That’s exactly what happened to this man in Britain, who had a meltdown when his Labrador named Fenton couldn’t resist going after the herd.(Warning: The frazzled man happens to use the name of Jesus amid the mayhem.)

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