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A formal challenge to Barack Obama’s candidacy in the 2012 presidential election has been filed now in a third state, where a filing submitted by a citizen, Albert Hendershot, alleges that the Democratic Party “intends to act negligently or fraudulently in a manner that will cause irreparable harm to the citizens of Alabama.”

Earlier challenges to Obama’s candidacy were filed in New Hampshire as well as Georgia. State officials in New Hampshire, noting that the application was filled out and the $1,000 fee had been paid, rejected the complaint, which now is being appealed.

The complaints note that state officials are constitutionally obligated to prevent fraudulent ballots in their jurisdictions, along with concerns that the Democrats, as in 2008, are proposing a candidate that is linked to fraud through his presentation of a contested birth certificate as well as his use of a suspect Social Security number.

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This complaint does not request or require [officials] find that President Obama is not qualified to hold the office of president of the United States. Instead, this complaint simply asserts that sufficient evidence exists to make any reasonable person doubt, in light of the evidence, that Barack Obama is a ‘natural-born citizen,” said the document, which was posted online by the

The website, which actively pursues information about Obama’s background, reports that among the various documents for Obama that remain concealed include his passport records, kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules, medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license and adoption records.


The Alabama complaint, directed to Secretary of State Beth Chapman, seeks a “hearing on the validity of evidence of electoral fraud in the 2008 presidential election and the potential for the same occurrence int eh 2012 presidential election in and for the state of Alabama.”

The goals include an injunction from the state prohibiting the Democratic Party from making representations about Obama “absent a showing of evidence to your office sufficient to prove that said representation is not negligent and that Barack H. Obama is eligible to be placed on the ballot.”

The document explains the state office as “sole responsibility in placing Barack H. Obama for president” on the state ballot.

“This notice and my challenge and request he be removed from our ballot as he does not meet the minimum qualifications as set forth in Article II Section I Clause V concerning the natural born citizen status,” the complaint explalins.

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