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The mainstream media are “protecting” Barack Obama’s “unconstitutional” tenure in the White House, refusing to investigate allegations that he fails to meet the Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural born citizen,” according to flamboyant billionaire Donald Trump.

In a conference call today with reporters, WND asked Trump why, if he believes defeating Obama is so significant in 2012, doesn’t he use his influence to mount a formal investigation into Obama’s eligibility.

There have been allegations since long before Obama’s election in 2008 that he is not a “natural-born citizen,” a requirement imposed on no other official.

Obama’s critics believe that at the time the Constitution was written, the Founders understood “natural-born citizen” to mean the offspring of two citizens.

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Obama has claimed he was born in Hawaii, but birth documentation he’s released has been judged by a number of document, imaging and graphics experts to be fake.

Others believe he would fail to qualify no matter his place of birth, because his father, Barack Obama Sr., was a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of Obama Jr.’s birth. They allege the Founders precluded dual citizens by specifically demanding a “natural-born citizen.”

The conference call was set up to coincide with the release of Trump’s new book, “Time to Get Tough,” in which he launches a critique of Obama and his administration. He says Obama has failed to address the economic crisis because he’s spending his time running around the world and “apologizing” for the U.S.

Trump also warns that he could launch an independent bid for the presidency should the GOP pick someone he thinks will not win.

“A lot of people agree with me and find it amazing,” Trump said of the eligibility controversy. “It’s miraculous how this birth certificate just appeared.”

He said many people have questioned the birth certificate’s authenticity.

“It’s strange that after years all of a sudden it appears,” Trump mused. “How come there are no records his mother ever was in the hospital?”

He noted there are records of other births in the Hawaii hospital at the time.

“There’s no record of Obama or his mother,” he said.

Trump added that members of Obama’s own family have pointed to different hospitals in Hawaii as being his birth location, and his grandmother reportedly made statements linking his birth to Kenya.

“I have real questions [about Obama’s eligibility],” he said.

But he said he’s working to rebuild the country’s job-creating ability and is not focusing on Obama’s eligibility right now.

“I also know that Obama is totally protected by the press, unfairly so, I would say,” he said.

“They protect him like I’ve never seen anything protected,” he said. “He’s protected like a landmark in New York.”

Trump said, after all, should the allegations about Obama prove true, it “basically is a violation of the law.”

But he said his work now is to provide solutions to the job problem.

He said his new book, “Time to Get Tough,” was the most difficult he’s written in years.

He said, however, the solutions that are offered “would work, even if Obama used them.”

He restated his option to pursue a third-party candidacy but said he would prefer to have the GOP “pick a great candidate which I happily would endorse.”

Trump’s book includes a few details about his life’s work, including his net worth, which he pegged at about $7 billion.

Just a few weeks ago, CNN host Piers Morgan confronted Trump with the question, “Do you accept what he [Obama] produced as valid?”

He was referring to the image of a Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth” that was released by the White House in April, a document that many imaging experts doubt is valid.

Trump, who in April claimed credit for creating the circumstances that prompted Obama to release the “Certificate” image, was blunt.

“No, I don’t necessarily accept it,” he said.

“Do you believe he was probably born in America?” Morgan pressed.

“He might have been,” Trump said.

“What does your gut tell you, because you are a smart guy,” Morgan continued.

“My gut tells me couple things. No. 1, you know, it took a long time to produce this certificate, and when it came out, as you know, check out the Internet, many people say it is not real, you know, that it’s a forgery,” Trump said. “They go over it, and lots of different things and lots of different reasons.”

At the time, he continued, “The other thing is, nobody has been able to see, you know, the day of his birth, they had twins born, they had another one born. Nobody has been able to find any records that he was born in that hospital.”

Just days earlier, Trump had been hit by Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren on the same issue.

“I don’t know just how it miraculous appeared … all of a sudden after years and years it was produced out of nowhere,” Trump said. “If in fact it’s not 100 percent, he’s not supposed to be president of the country.”

He pointed out it was Van Susteren’s first question to him.

“People have real questions about the validity,” he said.

In April, only hours after Obama released the image from the White House, Trump claimed credit for causing Obama to take that action. He had been on a circuit of talk shows and programs raising the question, and hinting about his own plans to stage a campaign for the presidency.

He said at that time he would remain out of the political race.

The image that was released, described by the White House as “proof positive” of Obama’s Hawaiian birth:

Image released by the White House April 27, 2011

Among the significant unresolved issues is that two weeks before Obama finally released his “long-form birth certificate,” Hawaii’s former Health Department chief Chiyome Fukino – the one official who claimed to have examined Obama’s original birth document – told NBC News’ national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff that she had seen the original birth certificate and that it was “half typed and half handwritten.”

However, the document released by the White House was entirely typed. Only the signatures and two dates at the very bottom were “handwritten.” What Fukino described is apparently a different document from what Obama released to the public.

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