Barack Obama

Want a job with the federal government?

You may want to list your sexual orientation – preferably one of the alternative lifestyle choices – to enhance your chances.

That’s after an executive order signed by President Obama makes it a goal to hire people who reflect his ideals of “diversity and inclusion.”

Presidential Executive Order 13583, signed without fanfare on Main Street, has since been touted as an effort to strengthen America. It’s described by the administration:

A commitment to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion is critical for the federal government as an employer.

By law, the federal government’s recruitment policies should “endeavor to achieve a work force from all segments of society.

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One federal executive praised the order, saying the “United States is at its strongest when we embrace all of our talents, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

In a nine-page strategic plan launched by Obama’s signature, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, within the Office of Personnel Management, set a new bar for the recruiting, hiring, and retention of federal workers:

As the nation’s largest employer, the federal government has an obligation to lead by example.

It goes on to say, “In order to cultivate high performing organizations for the 21st century, the federal government must tap into the rich resources of our global community and ensure fairness and justice in the workplace.”

So now the federal government apparently will be going overseas to hunt for workers who meet Obama’s ideals regarding sexual orientation or gender identity.

The policy aligns with a just-released report that the Obama administration intends to make the United States the global sex cop, with plans to try to intervene in the workings of other nations where homosexuality is not promoted as well as plans to create special provisions for homosexuals and those with other lifestyle choices to gain special admittance to the U.S.

Among the provisions is a specific call for the U.S. government to “enhance” its work to provide services to “LGBT refugees and asylum seekers.”

“Who knew when Reagan was talking about being a shining city on the hill the city would turn out to be Sodom,” said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, an Illinois organization active in revealing the truth of homosexuality.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chimed in on the comprehensive, government-wide strategy regarding LGBT rights with a speech to the “global community” in honor of International Human Rights day.

“The Obama administration defends the human rights of LGBT people as part of our comprehensive human rights policy and as a priority of our foreign policy,” she said.

Clinton then announced the formation of a Global Equality Fund to help advance the policies. The U.S. will start the fund with “more than $3 million,” but Clinton urged all other countries to join in.

The White House website has a section devoted to informing the LGBT community of the “historic” efforts Obama has advanced for them: “The Obama administration has taken decisive actions and made historic strides to advance Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality and strengthen LGBT families and communities, and continues to do so.”

On this White House blog, John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management, praises the efforts of the OPM and Obama to “institutionalize equality in the nation’s largest workforce.”

While recently visiting the LGBT center of Colorado, Berry said he has a strategy to “bring equality to the OPM, from dismantling the discriminatory policies of the past to actively encouraging lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals to work in and for our government.”

In another White House blog, Hilda Solis, secretary of the Department of Labor, announces how she and Obama have redefined federal rules regarding hiring discrimination.

In April, I issued an order to change my department’s equal employment opportunity policy to add gender identity as a protected category.

I did that because it was the right thing to do and because no one should be denied a job or a promotion because of their gender identity or how they choose to express it.

Solis also lists other achievements in her tenure as secretary of labor: “Last year, we announced that the Family and Medical Leave Act applies to loving families with two mothers or two fathers. If you act like a parent, do the work of a parent and raise a child like a parent, then you are a parent, as far as my agency is concerned.”

The concerted efforts by Obama to advance the LGBT movement are evident throughout the federal government that promised to bring “change” to America.

Shaun Donovan, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, touted several more accomplishments at a recent “Transgender Equality” awards ceremony.

I was proud to represent an administration that has done remarkable work to advance equality for transgender people.

Indeed, whether it’s the record number of transgender appointments President Obama has made to the federal government, the Office of Personnel Management’s announcement prohibiting gender identity discrimination for federal employment, or passing a hate crimes bill that represents the first-ever federal civil rights legislation to include the words ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity,’ the Obama administration has treated the fight for equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community not as an issue, but as a priority.

The “change” that Obama brought with him to Washington also apparently is spreading.

Just ask former Macy’s employee Natalie Johnson of San Antonio.

She saw a man walking out of the fitting room reserved for women at the San Antonio, Texas, Macy’s and “politely told him that he could not go back in because it was for women only.”

She pointed out that Macy’s has a religious nondiscrimination policy and the actions violated her beliefs.

Macy’s fired her.

Matt Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel, says, “Macy’s has essentially opened women’s dressing rooms to every man.”

In a related development, a White House statement called the “Presidential Memorandum – International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons” instructs federal agencies to promote “rights” of LGBT persons.


“In order to improve protection for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers at all stages of displacement, the Departments of State and Homeland Security shall enhance their ongoing efforts to ensure that LGBT refugees and asylum seekers have equal access to protection and assistance,” Obama wrote.

He explained that federal workers must be trained to help LGBT members in their desires.

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