Rush Limbaugh

After Obama delivered a controversial speech declaring that capitalism and supply side economics had “never worked,” Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves to denounce the president’s message.

Rush said Obama had just “outed” himself as a “dumb,” anti-American socialist.

“After the three years, the cat’s out of the bag,” Limbaugh told listeners. “After three years, everybody now knows why I wanted you to fail. Everybody that heard that speech now knows that you said America as founded has never worked. You have outed yourself, Barack, if I may call you that. You’ve come out. Maybe you’ll be on the cover of the next Advocate (a homosexual magazine) because you just outed yourself, sir.”

Limbaugh also had harsh words for the nation’s Republican leadership: “There is no conservative movement per se that includes conservative media. I’ve finally come to that conclusion: There is no conservative movement. We are conservative movement people – the tea party are, you and I – but in conservative media circles they don’t consider themselves part of the conservative movement” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Reacting to Newt Gingrich’s proposal that poor children be allowed to be janitors in their schools, to learn the value of work, Michael Savage recalled his own youthful employment misadventures.

“I was a janitor as a kid,” Savage explained, adding he was “an inveterate gambler when I was eleven.” To make extra money, he’d worked as a dishwasher one night, and he told listeners what happened when his father found out (FREE audio).

Savage wasn’t too pleased when he learned that once again the mainstream media had “borrowed” one of his ideas without attribution. In this case, it was the Wall Street Journal using his phrase “Arab Winter” to describe the widespread disillusionment of protesters in the Middle East (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Michele Bachmann talked to Sean about her new book, “Core of Conviction,” plus her opinions about Newt Gingrich’s surge in the polls and the departure of Herman Cain. (FREE audio).

Hannity also spoke with Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark., about the EPIC Act, his plan to eliminate pensions for members of Congress – who already get generous health-care benefits and a “401(k) that has a higher match than most private-sector companies” (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Listeners know that Mark Levin lost two of his beloved pet dogs earlier this year. This week he talked about adopting a new dog, a friendly, energetic poodle mix named Barney (FREE audio).

Also this week, Levin admitted he was “very troubled” by “attacks on Newt Gingrich,” especially those coming from conservatives.

“Every single one of our candidates is head and shoulders over Obama,” Levin reminded his audience. “Not one of them is Marxist.”

When the time comes, he said, that is what Republican voters need to keep in mind (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

In an interview that got plenty of attention, GOP candidate Jon Huntsman came on the Laura Ingraham show to ask conservative voters to give him a second look (FREE audio).

Guest Donald Trump had a few things to say about Huntsman when he joined Laura this week, and he also took on commentators Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer.

Gov. Ed Rendell, D-Penn., offered some advice for the president, then author and Fox News correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano warned listeners that their constitutional civil liberties were at greater risk than ever before (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

In a bizarre incident, an “Occupy” protester had a seizure at a Glenn Beck book signing. Back in the studio, Beck explained who came to the protester’s assistance and who didn’t (FREE audio).

Beck’s major announcement this week was his unveiling of “Restoring Love,” a three day event he has planned for Dallas in 2012. The weekend will be devoted to encouraging volunteerism and local community building.

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer says he isn’t surprised “to see Newt Gingrich’s establishment/Beltway liberal friends turn against him” – including Al Sharpton, who, says Maloney, has a “strange history of palling around” with the former speaker of the House.

It’s true: The two men have appeared together at “awareness raising” events for years, but that’s not stopping Sharpton from jumping on the anti-Newt bandwagon, going so far as to accuse Gingrich of “race baiting” (FREE audio).

With friends like Sharpton, Gingrich may well wonder: Who needs enemies?

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