A campaign has been launched by the non-profit legal advocacy group Liberty Counsel that encourages customers to contact Macy’s officials to express concern over the company’s open-door policy for dressing rooms.

“Right now, any kind of sexual predator could put on lipstick and have full access to any of the women’s fitting rooms and the girls of all ages who may be present,” the organization said in its announcement today.

The online petition allows customers to send a message directly to Macy’s that explains, “As an American who recognizes the crucial importance of cultural boundaries and same gender guidelines to the welfare of any society, I am appalled by your corporate decision to allow LGBT people to use whatever changing facilities they choose in Macy’s stores.”

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The message continues, “This policy is both misguided and absurd. It creates an unnecessary threat to the comfort and safety of your customers and helps undermine the stability of our society! I am deeply concerned that pro-homosexual activism has brought your organization to enact such a poorly thought-out policy.”

Said Liberty Counsel, “Macy’s is one of many retail establishments now catering to pro-homosexual activists who are pushing forward with ‘social engineering’ throughout our schools, workplaces, military, and government agencies. They are taking enormous strides in redefining marriage and family while initiating as many legal actions as quickly as possible – all with the support of a sympathetic Obama administration!”

The organization noted that it is getting reports of customers cutting up Macy’s credit cards and dispatching emails announcing plans to discontinue shopping at the chain until the policy changes.

The bizarre scenario came to light during the Christmas shopping season when a clerk in the corporation’s San Antonio, Texas, location, Natalie Johnson, “saw a man entering a women’s fitting room, which was in her department area.”

Liberty Counsel’s report said, “After he came out, Natalie politely approached the young man and told him that he could not use the women’s fitting rooms because they were for women only. Although this young man was wearing lipstick, he still clearly looked like a man. He became upset and used expletives, and the attorney who accompanied him said that Macy’s was LGBT friendly. Natalie politely responded that men cannot use the women’s fitting rooms, to which they demanded to speak with her manager. She was later summoned by her manager, Mary Ellen, and told that ‘transgender’ people can use any fitting room they desire. When Natalie questioned how men could use women’s fitting rooms and asked for a religious accommodation because she could not lie by allowing men to use women’s fitting rooms, she was terminated.”

The story has sparked outrage. One customer who wrote Macy’s and sent a copy of the missive to WND said, “I have never had to concern myself with the question of separate changing rooms in any retail store. Until now. After reading about the termination of clerk Natalie Johnson, I am puzzled by actions taken by your store over an issue that could have been prevented in its entirety, had you proactively taken the proper measures and added an additional changing room for “family or unisex” clients that your store now seeks to cater to. Being a transgender does not give [anyone] the right to infringe on a changing stall that is designated for the privacy of parents accompanied by children that are male or female and are using their designated stalls or in designated open fitting/changing rooms.”

The customer warned, “The bottom line will yet to be written in a jury trial.”

Macy’s to date has been unimpressed.

“This policy still stands at Macy’s and its affiliate, Bloomingdale’s,” LC reported.

“This policy is absurd, and everyone who hears of it is shocked. Macy’s policy has placed every woman at risk of sexual assault and even rape,” said Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel.
“To regain the confidence of its customers, Macy’s need to immediately change its policy.”

Listen to an interview with Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, who is working on the case.

“Macy’s has essentially opened women’s dressing rooms to every man,” he said. “The LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd.”

When contacted by WND for a statement, Macy’s officials refused to comment.

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