The Hamas-tied Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been calling for some time for the anti-jihad website Bare Naked Islam (BNI) to be shut down because of some of the comments that appeared there, and last Thursday they succeeded again.

WordPress (the blog platform BNI uses) first responded to CAIR’s anti-free speech campaign by shutting down BNI in late November and then reinstating it; then last week, when they shut it down again without warning or explanation, the thugs at CAIR immediately did a victory dance and claimed credit. However, BNI’s publisher told me in an email that she contacted WordPress, and they responded by saying that “CAIR had nothing to do with their decision.” WordPress also told her that they “should have given me notice instead of dumping the site as they did.”

Nonetheless, she told me that WordPress still wants BNI off their servers by Jan. 6. They have made this demand despite the fact that, per their earlier request, BNI has been monitoring comments closely since Nov. 26, when WordPress first shut down the site. This is how BNI’s publisher explained to me what happened after WordPress shut down the site again last week:

“I allowed them to delete ALL comments prior to 11/26 and they did. After that I was very careful to delete anything that could be deemed a threat. In CAIR’s press release today, they mentioned the comments from the other post all of which were deleted immediately. There were no new comments that they listed today.”

Yet they still shut down the site last week, and even though they’ve reinstated it, they want it gone within a few days. And even though they deny that CAIR had anything to do with it this time, they’re the ones who raised the complaints about BNI in the first place. And that is inexcusable. That any rational freedom lover, and any American business, would listen to the enemies of free speech at Hamas-tied CAIR is beyond the pale.

CAIR’s hypocrisy is astounding. Across the Web, I have seen innumerable calls for a second Holocaust, for the killing of Jews, for the killing of conservatives, the killing of blacks and the like. I have been called a “neo-kikess” and have been libeled, smeared and defamed – not least by Hamas-tied CAIR itself, which is a veritable libel machine.

And my life has been threatened more times than I can count. Calls for my death and execution have been posted to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as to numerous websites.

These death threats and calls for genocide occur on a daily basis. Just recently there was this comment:

xxxsampsonxxxX posted this on a video at YouTube, “Pamela Geller vs Imam on CNN Sunday”:


Hamas-tied CAIR had no comment about that, or about innumerable others like it.

Meanwhile, the blood libel against Israel organ trafficking in Haiti was started in the notoriously anti-Jewish Huffington Post comment section. Anti-Semitism rages in the comments on articles from the New York Times, Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times and others. Nothing is ever said or done about any of it – that’s free speech.

I condemn all calls for killing and genocide.

I don’t know what was said at Bare Naked Islam. Some of what I see there I would not host or post on my site Atlas Shrugs. But I don’t CAIR. The difference between an exchange of ideas and an exchange of blows is self-evident.

If I had a blog on WordPress, I would pull it now. I would do this because it’s only a matter of time until something you or I say doesn’t meet with the Muslim Brotherhood guidelines. And instead of standing up for free speech, WordPress caved. As such, no free person should support them. Contact [email protected] and politely register your protest against what they’ve done to BNI.

The fundamental principle of free speech is the protection of all speech, not just speech we like. Because who decides what’s good and what’s forbidden? The Hamas-tied thugs and enemies of free speech at CAIR? Voltaire said it: I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

But that principle is on the verge of being obliterated in America. If it can happen to BNI, it can happen to any of us.

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