There was a change for the U.S. troops in the hottest spots of Iraq when Chuck Norris visited soldiers there several years ago; they started using “chuckshot” for their shotguns instead of buckshot.


That, of course, is just one of the Chuck Norris “facts” that have circled the globe about the famed martial arts champion, actor and now author and columnist, who also reportedly pushes the Earth down instead of moving himself when he does pushups and is so fearsome the bogeyman checks his closet for Chuck Norris when he goes to bed..

But there’s a very serious side to the longtime star of “Walker, Texas Ranger,” and a new documentary has been released that focuses on those issues of morale, dedication, support and trust – and the U.S. military.

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There was the premiere today of his new “Answering the Call” documentary of his trip to visit U.S. troops in Iraq.

The Texas event benefits his KickStart Kids program, which was launched in 1992. The program has helped tens of thousands of students learn values and skills to combat the peer pressures associated with at-risk behaviors.

Fans lined up early for the movie premiere, not just because it was a premiere but also because Chuck Norris was on hand today to talk about the importance of the message.

Dave Welch, whose work is with the Houston Area Pastor Council, and attended, told WND the message of the movie regards the nature, morale and commitment of the troops to do their job: protecting America and its citizens.

“There’s a warrior spirit,” he noted, that is evident wherever and whenever people are in trouble.

“These guys are out there serving and they deserve our support,” Welch said. “That’s really the essence.”

The documentary was made from Chuck Norris’ visit to Iraq in 2007, where he visited the Iraq not regularly seen. Welch said some of the locations were truly places where there was nothing.

Chuck Norris in Iraq

Chuck Norris explained that he’d also visited in 2006, and the difference in the level of security and freedom was marked. He said during the 2006 trip, visitors occasionally needed to run for shelter, but in 2007 the security level was much higher.

The KickStart Kids has the goal of linking youth to caring adult instructors “who contribute to the development of the student with conflict resolution skills,” the group’s website explains.

The program operates in dozens of middle schools across Texas, serving an estimated 6,500 students this year.

Its goals include building strong moral character, teaching discipline and respect, instilling a sense of belonging, teaching empathy and compassion for others, and setting and reaching goals.

Chuck Norris made a point of visiting personally with members of the U.S. military to thank them for their service, dedication and defense of freedoms around the world.

The documentary follows him through his tour and highlights his meetings with “America’s finest.”

Film producer Mike Slee, who accompanied Norris on the Iraq trip, recently took Chuck Norris T-shirts to members of the military serving in Afghanistan.

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