I cannot understand how some creepy judge, after four years, decides the president of United States is not qualified to be the president.

I just wonder if the color of the president is playing a part. How is Gov. Mitt Romney, whose father is not a born American and his mother is not an “American,” qualified to run for “president”? Just explain this for me!

(Editor’s note: See “Bulletin: Romney is eligible to be president.” and “Mitt Romney not a natural-born citizen.“)

If you people at WND have any credibility – you all purport to be “God-fearing Christians” – then state why this current president is under so much pressure to do his job. All I see is constant racist attacks on him as the president and systematic undermining of the job he was duly elected to do!

The last straw was the governor of Arizona pointing her finger in the president’s face to completely disrespect and undermine his job! If this were G.W. Bush, she would never attempt such behavior. It is amazing how we as Americans have amnesia. Can we all forget the chaos that took place the last year of the Bush’s tenure? All hell was going down. The stock market went to an all-time low, below 6,000 points. Do you guys remember? I cannot believe what I am seeing today in the media.

I wonder if there are any real Christians left in America today. The blatant racism with regard to the president is appalling, and the entire world is looking on and observing.

He took out Osama bin Laden, and countless other al-Qaida terrorists, but gets no compliments for his decisions. What kind of country are we preparing for our children?

These lying Republicans and hypocrites running around saying the president of America is a socialist do not understand the meaning of the term. It is truly a sad day in America when a major news site publishes such rubbish!

I am looking for a response from WND. In God’s name, print the objective truth. How could I subscribe to false news like this? Give the president his just respect like all previous presidents before him. Again, I am requesting a reply from WND.

(Again, editor’s note: See “Bulletin: Romney is eligible to be president.” and “Mitt Romney not a natural-born citizen.“)


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