Yesterday marked the 39th anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history – maybe the darkest.

I can’t think of another day in the history of this country in which the government, in this case, the Supreme Court, took an action that triggered the deaths of more than 54 million human beings, in this case, unborn babies, the most innocent lives of all.

The Roe v. Wade decision did even more harm than that to our country. It cheapened all human life. Today, as a result of that decision, babies are being neglected and killed after birth. In fact, Barack Obama, the man sitting in the White House (when he’s not on vacation somewhere), backed legislation as a state senator in Illinois affirming a policy that babies surviving abortion would indeed be killed after birth. On the other end of the life spectrum, Obama’s signature legislation would forcibly curtail medical care to older citizens and those with little prospect of long-term survival – in other words, those who are no longer useful to the state’s interest.

It’s frustrating for millions of committed pro-life Americans like me that nothing seems to change. A generation has come and gone since Roe v. Wade, and there has been little progress toward changing federal policy that encourages and even subsidizes abortion.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am not optimistic that we will see much progress in this area as a result of the election of 2012 – unless we change strategy.

I do have a solution, however, a realistic program, to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level, and other programs that encourage and subsidize abortion, including Obamacare. Wouldn’t that be a great start?

It’s a radical prescription for the pro-life movement. It’s an end-run, if you will. It’s a strategy that will get the support of every tea-party activist worth his salt. And it’s a strategy that Democrats can’t stop – try as they will. It’s a strategy that only requires Republican support. And we’ve got 12 months to set the stage for it so when the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade comes along next January, we might actually being saving lives.

Here it is: We’ve got to deny the federal government in Washington any more borrowing power. Without the ability to borrow money endlessly, drastic cuts in the federal budget will be necessary. Programs like Planned Parenthood and Obamacare will not be possible – not even close! Entire bureaucracies like the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce will need to be shuttered. There’s no way spending on Planned Parenthood and Obamacare can survive the long knives that will be needed to cut, slash and hack away at more than $1 trillion in Washington spending if we dry up the red ink.

How can this be done?

Just to go to see.

All we need to do to put it in action is to persuade Republicans. All Republicans need to do to make it a reality is to emerge from the 2012 election with at least one house of Congress. And all we’ve got to do to see that they do is to persuade, cajole and threaten the Republicans to live up to their own rhetoric about constitutionally limited government.

We may have to wait a long time to get five Supreme Court justices who are willing to overturn the worst ruling in American history. But we don’t have to wait to dry up the money in Washington to deny the baby-killing machine the subsidies they get. We can do that next January – if the pro-life community sees the beautiful, simple end-run necessary to make that happen.

I believe this is a historic campaign.

I believe it is well within our grasp.

I believe it’s the most important task any of us can embark on this year, including the election campaigning.

We’ve got to dry up the money to stop the evil it is subsidizing.

Please join me in support of this vital mission.

Go to today.

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