Is this the most controversial film ever made?

By Drew Zahn

“At Illuminati Pictures, ‘guerrilla filmmaking’ takes on a whole new meaning,” writes Molotov Mitchell, a fact that nearly prompted a police shootout while filming his daring new project, “Gates of Hell.”

As Mitchell explains in a new WND commentary, he had been filming a sequence depicting a rooftop terrorist attack, when real police heard the gunfire and rushed to the scene.

“I had been shooting blank rounds at actors with a camera attached to the rifle itself,” Mitchell explains. “The AK-47 has a distinct report, a round cannon sound, and it’s very loud.

The police heard that, for sure, I thought to myself, and yes, they had,” he continues. “My other partners … were running back in my direction, when I first heard the sirens. I rushed to get back to the minivan and managed to stash the rifle, just as two patrol cars pinned us in, one from behind and one in front.”

Mitchell and his crew were in Cary, N.C., filming “Gates of Hell,” a political thriller from the future in which a band of black power terrorists called the “Zulu 9” wage guerrilla war on abortion providers for what they call “decades of black genocide.”

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Mitchell explains, “What would happen if black Americans rediscovered that Planned Parenthood, in cahoots with the federal government, had placed nearly 80 percent of its clinics in minority neighborhoods for a reason? What would happen if the black community learned that the Black Panthers originally opposed abortion as a form of racist population control? What would happen if they learned that Jessie Jackson once told Jet magazine that ‘abortion is genocide’ or that he changed his tune when Planned Parenthood started donating to his political career? Is it possible that a few of them might want revenge? And if they chose to take it, how would their violent actions affect the abortion conversation in America?”

A trailer for the film can be seen below:

After police arrived on the set, Mitchell explains, “A young, female officer was out of her vehicle and staying behind the driver’s side door. She seemed relatively calm considering the scene; her left hand was on a radio attached to her shoulder and her right hand was holding the top of her door.

‘It’s OK,’ I yelled to her, with a big friendly smile,” he writes. “I outstretched my arms and beamed, ‘I’m a film director!’

“For reasons still unknown,” he continues, “that ordinarily ingratiating set of words produced the opposite effect in this young woman, who suddenly developed a wild look in her eye as she reached for her sidearm.”

Mitchell recounts with gratitude that he was not shot that day and was able to “smooth out” the situation with the alarmed officers.

“Gates of Hell” is now available on DVD in the WND Superstore and on the film’s website. Limited screenings will also hit theaters in different cities at different times this year.

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