Israel hoodwinking the ‘bird’?

By WND Staff

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WASHINGTON – A U.S. intelligence source tells G2Bulletin that the Israelis, who know the overflight schedule of U.S. surveillance satellites monitoring their war preparations, wait until the “bird” passes and then resume what appears to be increased mobilization activities, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Sources say the Israelis are making war preparations, but subtly, in an effort to lessen the world’s notice, and they may be further along than U.S. imagery analysts are able to assess.

Of course, there also have been the recent assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, apparently in an effort to halt Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

In addition to the assassinations of three Iranian scientists over the years, the nation’s top missile developer also was targeted. What may amount to a proxy war with these assassinations is an effort to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel and some Western countries believe is a cover for developing nuclear weapons.

Along with these assassinations, there have been mysterious explosions of major Hezbollah munitions storage areas in Lebanon in the past few months. Sources haven’t ruled out the possibility that they were blown up by the Israelis.

Hezbollah is known to have stored up more than 50,000 rockets to be used against Israel should it undertake a military strike against Iran, or if Lebanon itself is attacked.

Similarly, Hamas also has rockets positioned to attack Israel and has transferred arms and munitions into the neighboring Sinai Peninsula, which at one time was under Egyptian military and police enforcement.

However, the Egyptians since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak have basically withdrawn most of their forces, opening the area as another position from which to launch attacks on Israel.

In the Sinai, there are known elements of al-Qaida, in addition to Hamas. They also have been joined by local Bedouin tribesmen who are there and oppose the Egyptian government.

In the event that other efforts fail, it appears that Israel may be preparing to exercise the so-called military option of an actual attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, something it has threatened to do over the past few years.

The U.S. intelligence source said that some Israeli war preparations are being observed by the U.S. European Command.

“They’re (Israelis) perfectly aware of our birds and are either playing the (imagery) analysts or doing stuff out of sight,” the intelligence source said, adding that the Israelis are moving “a lot of munitions” of an unspecified nature, based on what overhead monitoring U.S. imagery analysts are able to acquire.

“Our buddies (Israelis) were waiting to do it until they knew our birds didn’t have a particularly good view around and loading them up on a bunch of long-range F-15s,” even though U.S. analysts cannot say with certainty now that it is in preparation for an imminent airstrike.

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