(MITCHELL DAILY REPUBLIC, SOUTH DAKOTA) — A South Dakota native is taking a shot at the movie industry, bringing the biblical character of David and his band of warriors to the big screen in what he calls “the largest and most ambitious Bible series ever attempted.”

Cliff Graham, of Utah and formerly of Rapid City and a military chaplain, is working with filmmakers David Cunningham and Grant Curtis, along with screenwriter John Fusco, on the film “Day of War.” It’s based on Graham’s first novel of the same name. Curtis is well known for his production of the “Spider-Man” films, and Fusco has also worked on Hollywood hits including “Young Guns” and “Hidalgo.” The team formed the production company GiantKillers for the project.

“It’s basically the ‘Braveheart,’ ‘Gladiator’ treatment of King David and the Bible,” said Graham of his novels and the movie. “It’s a gritty and intense approach to that.

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