I don’t expect everyone to agree with me or understand the point I’m about to make. I can hear the stuttering excuses why it’s different for a black man and references to the Bush family and the Reagans.

Michelle Obama and her family are on a $4 million taxpayer-funded vacation, and between her traipsing around in $2,000 dresses, $1,000 skirts and dining at the most exclusive restaurants – she found time to send an email to an Obama mailing list saying, “I hope you’ll close out this year by donating $3 or more to help make sure we’re ready for the next [election].”

At first glance, this could be viewed as nothing unusual. But there is a sinister sensus plenior to the actions of this woman that is going unaddressed, and so certain am I of what it is, I would be willing to bet one of the cigars I was given as a Christmas gift.

In December 2006, I wrote: “Race is the viscous grease Al Sharpton uses to lubricate his flim-flam machine. Adding the ‘Reverend’ moniker affords him cover by having a credible partner, i.e., God, who doesn’t want a cut of his ill-gotten gains. And not atypical of race-hucksters, he makes his choices based on what will garner him the most cachet.” (“Lights, camera … Sharpton,” WND.com)

Insert the name Obama in place of Sharpton, FLOTUS in place of “Reverend,” and “gullible voters” in place of God, and it’s a perfect fit. I am convinced that Michelle’s email was forwarded to their campaign’s black voters. As I recall writing about it at the time – it was during the 2000 presidential campaign and Al Gore had just finished speaking to a gathering of “well-dressed” blacks (I always find it interesting that, white liberals feel it necessary to say things like that, as if they expect blacks to be dressed like cotton-pickers).

Many of the all-black gathering said they were praying for him to be elected, but Gore’s concern wasn’t their prayers, it was their pocketbooks and wallets. The working-class black person was Gore’s concern, because working-class blacks weren’t inclined to offer much more than the fried chicken and the prayers being offered at that fundraiser.

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