Savage to GOP candidates: Say this and you’ll win

By WND Staff

Pointing to the Obama administration’s announcement yesterday of a de facto amnesty for hundreds of thousands of El Salvador nationals living illegally in the U.S., talk-radio host Michael Savage wondered aloud why the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination and the moderators of more than a dozen debates have virtually ignored the issue of illegal immigration.

“This is a primary issue in the United States of America, and none of them will talk about it,” Savage told his “Savage Nation” listeners last night.

“How can I get excited about an election … when there are certain topics of immense importance to the American people that are verboten?” he asked.

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The Department of Homeland Security announced yesterday that it will not force 215,000 El Salvadorans living in the U.S. illegally to return home because of a series of earthquakes in 2001. The agency said El Salvador “remains unable, temporarily, to handle adequately the return of its nationals.”

“He is going out full bore for the illegal alien vote,” Savage said.

Savage said that even if debate moderators such as left-leaning Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopolous of ABC News won’t raise the issue, the Republican candidates “have every opportunity to raise these questions whenever a camera is put near their face.”

“They could simply say, ‘You know, I’m outraged this morning the president granted de facto amnesty to 215,000 people from El Salvador. That’s a foul ball. He has to come to Congress for this. He is not a dictator.’

“That would win the election” for any candidate who would say that, Savage said.

But it’s clear, Savage said, that the candidates are afraid of the “Hispanic lobby.”

“Politicians are catering to them,” he said. “They would rather cater to an imagined illegal demographic than to a rock-ribbed conservative demographic.”

Savage recalled a dinner he had in December 2010 with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who won the New Hampshire primary last night after a narrow victory in Iowa.

Savage asked Romney why he didn’t strongly address the illegal alien problem. Romney acknowledged the problem but essentially said that no matter how you approach it, you’ll be labeled a racist.

Obama, meanwhile, according to Savage, “wants to make certain as many illegal aliens vote for [him] as possible, since most Americans have detached from the Good Train Obama.”

“They will not vote for this man again,” he said of American citizens. “They understand they’ve been lied to, that he’s in it for his own self and his party.”

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