We have been fighting Obama’s failure to meet constitutional requirements for president because Obama is not a “natural born citizen.” His father was a citizen of Kenya.

Marco Rubio is an excellent servant, but he also is not a “natural-born citizen.” Marco was born a “citizen” in Florida in 1971 while his parents were citizens of Cuba. Marco was born a dual citizen of Cuba and America. His parents were not involved in naturalization action until 1975/76.

Just this week in Atlanta a court heard arguments that Obama is not eligible for the Georgia president ballot because his father was a British subject of Kenya, never an American citizen. This means Obama can never become a “natural-born citizen” as Supreme Court definition of a “natural-born citizen” is being born to two American citizens who were citizens at the time of a child’s birth.

Marco Rubio was born to two Cuban citizens at the time of his birth. Therefore, he can never become a “natural-born citizen.” Citizen, yes, but never a “natural-born citizen.”

While I would like Rubio to be VP, or even president, I can’t violate the U.S. Constitution by giving him a pass and condemning Obama.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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