WASHINGTON – Get this!

Everyone knows Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is a Christian who sports Bible verse “John 3:16” painted into the black swaths under his eyes during games.

But his miracle game Sunday that has the whole nation talking at water coolers today has 3:16 painted all over it.

It’s been widely reported that Tebow passed for exactly 316 yards.

But there’s more to the story.

  • He also averaged exactly 31.6 yards for each completed pass.
  • The viewing audience for the CBS game in the last quarter hour was 31.6 percent.

Some are calling that supernatural.

A day after an amazing NFL playoff game over the Pittsburgh Steelers with a sudden-death overtime touchdown pass, his signature Bible verse, John 3:16, was also is the hottest search term on the Internet.

But even that’s not the biggest surprise.

How about the hottest bumper sticker in the country?

Tebow for President – in Broncos blue and orange motif.

Order yours today – in standard adhesive format or magnetized option for easy removal so you can change from car to car or even to your refrigerator.

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