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The pagans' 10 Commandments

By Johanna Hecker

Evidently some people in America are so ignorant of history that they believe retaining the Ten Commandments in public places constitutes a “government promotion of Christianity.” These basic 10 laws pre-date Christianity by 1,500 years. No honest historian would accuse Moses of promoting Christianity. The study of ancient peoples reveals that all civilizations had fundamental rules, comparable to these 10 basic laws. In pagan societies, a thief still looks all around before stealing another man’s goods. For some reason he doesn’t want to be seen doing it. In such societies, murderers still hide their victims. The adulterer tries to keep his actions secret. Why is there a conscience without the influence of any organized religion?

A few more questions here:

Have the signers of the petitions to remove these 10 laws read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Ten Commandments recently?

What did they find in the Constitution about separation of church and state that would be relevant to the Ten Commandments?

If we assume that to retain the 10 original laws on government soil constitutes the establishment of a religion, what religion would that be? Judaism? Islam?

If there is actually a constitutional demand to remove the 10 basic laws, it logically follows that we should try to nullify their influence over the present generation.

Here is my suggestion:

Replace the Ten Commandments with the following notice on all government buildings:

There is no God, you may do as you please without restraint. Love yourself above all else. Be selfish.

Graven images are obsolete, but you may worship anything you choose, your appetites, your possessions, or those of anyone else.

Profanity and obscenities are the language of choice. Express yourself any way you want to, the more offensive the better.

A day of rest or worship is totally unneeded, so heap upon yourselves all the work or play you desire until your physical bodies are completely worn out. Work your employees, animals and machines the same way.

Regard for your parents or their teaching is an hindrance to your freedoms, so ignore their needs completely, curse them if you wish, and arrange for their demise as soon as possible.

You may steal whenever you please. Don’t bother to guard your possessions, as others have a right to steal them as well.

Adulterous affairs should be a daily occurrence for your ultimate pleasure. You may even steal a same-sex partner from his mate. Satisfy your lust with whomever, wherever and whenever.

You may kill your enemies at will, including anyone who annoys you or causes you distress.

Lying should be a natural part of your communication. Don’t bother to take an oath to establish identity or viability as a witness. A false witness is completely acceptable.

By hook or crook, obtain what you desire, no matter where or whose it is. Greed is the only way to get ahead in life.

Just think how much we could save in taxpayer dollars. We could close the courthouses, empty the jails, lay off all the policemen and judges, forget about educational budgets and be content that, through the “alchemy of the death of common sense,” liberty has become license at last.

Logical conclusion? Is this the society we really want? This is what we are getting! Think about it!

Johanna Hecker is the grandmother of 51 and lives in northern Minnesota.