A new quo warranto lawsuit has been filed in Washington over Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility, but unlike similar challenges brought by noted attorneys since before Obama was elected, this one is by a contender for the presidency.

A quo warranto action, which dates back nearly 1,000 years in Western civilization, is a challenge to an official to document on what basis he or she holds the office.

The action was filed by a former attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, who, according to his lawsuit, announced on Nov. 11, 2011, his candidacy for president. He “qualified as a write-in candidate by filing with the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics his ‘Affirmation of Write-In Candidacy.'”

He explains that given his access to the Internet and mobile information technology, his support could rise quickly, and “given the mood of the country, the public’s disenchantment with the Republican party candidates and the implication of this petition on Obama’s candidacy, it is impossible for this court to determine whether or not the dramatically increased exposure Sibley will seek and receive … will increase his success.”

Further, he explains, that even “by only capturing a small number of Electoral College votes, Sibley could cause the presidential election to fall to Congress, thus radically changing the course of the election.”

Congress and U.S. courts have affirmed the concept, although Congress limited those who could bring such a challenge to those with an interest in the office; thus, Sibley’s announced candidacy.

Sibley told WND the case is not really about Obama.

“My overarching concern is not the man Barack Obama. My overarching concern is our departure from the rule of law when it’s inconvenient to those in power,” he said.

He said the Constitution simply requires a president to be a “natural-born citizen,”  at least 35 years old and a 14-year resident of the U.S.

“If the president was 32, no one would object to a claim he wasn’t qualified,” Sibley told WND. “The term ‘natural born citizen’ has a very clear meaning. … I don’t believe anyone can dispute it.”

He said a natural-born citizen is the offspring of two citizens of the country, and since Obama has written repeatedly that his father was Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan national subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom when Obama Jr. was born, he doesn’t qualify.

“If I’m the only one saying the emporer has no clothes, so be it,” he said.

The case names Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and others as defendants, and court records note it was assigned to Judge Amy Jackson.

Columnist Devvy Kidd notes Sibley has a colorful history, including a grandfather who was the last private owner of Blair House – now a government property – across from the White House.

His mother also worked for Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League. She later became an ordained Episcopal Church priest. Another ancestor, Francis Preston Blair, was part of Andrew Jackson’s “kitchen cabinet.” Another, Frank Blair, was a corps commander during Gen. William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea in Georgia during the Civil War.

Still further, his ancestor George Mason was a delegate from Virginia to the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and Sibley’s father was part-owner of the Miami Dolphins during the team’s perfect season in 1972.

Kidd notes that Sibley at one point represented Deborah Jean Palfrey, dubbed the DC Madam.

Sibley told WND that he expects opposition not just from the White House and Department of Justice, but from the judiciary.

“All I can do is present the Supremes with an opportunity to prove their hypocrisy,” he said.

He said Obama has successfully undermined the Constitution because those who normally serve as government watchdogs, the media, have been co-opted.

“My position is it’s time to tear the federal house down to its foundation, the Constitution. It’s gotten out of control. We’ve lost the very rights the government was meant to preserve.”

While many of the challenges to Obama’s occupancy in the Oval Office simply suggest his ineligibility, Sibley’s moves further, stating, “By this lawsuit, Sibley seeks: a. a Writ of Quo Warranto ousting Obama as president of the Untied States and/or preventing him from holding the franchise of being on the ballot for that office in 2012 insomuch as he is not a ‘natural born citizen’ of the United States.

“Obama’s father was not a United States citizen when Obama was born. In his two books, ‘Dreams from My Father’ (1995) and ‘The Audacity of Hope (2006), Obama states that his father was Barack Hussein Obama and that he was a British subject at the time Obama was born,” the case argues.

“Respondent Obama publicly released two ‘Certificates of Live Birth’ from the state of Hawaii in an attempt to demonstrate that he was born in the United States. Expert document examiners have examined each of the COLBs and found significant indications of fraud raising the very real specter that Obama was not even born in the United States,” it continues.

He said he has requested that the DOJ pursue action against Obama but never got a response. So now, as an “interested person,” he “is authorized to petition this court for the issuance of a quo warranto writ.”

Sibley cites numerous issues raised by researchers Douglas Vogt and Paul Irey about the birth documentation that the president has released. He also raises some of the questions previously raised by ProtectOurLiberty.org.

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